MySource:Inactive or Deleted Data

MySource Inactive or Deleted Data
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Inactive or Deleted Data.


This page is a collection of deleted or inactive MySource files/pages.

Most of these original MySource files seem to have been created during GEDCOM import process. Many of these GEDCOM uploads were abandoned by the contributors, or the data that connects to them were deleted, removed or abandoned during maintenance clean-up. Some of the MySource files were deleted by system administrators as containing no information or because they were blank pages being "watched" only by that one inactive users who uploaded it. Once deleted, the MySource page title automatically appeared in the "Wanted Page" list if the reference was still being cited as sources for person and family fact events on pages that remained "active" or undeleted for whatever reason.

Redirecting these pages to this collection page seems to be an adequate manual way to manage these errant "Wanted Pages" and still be able to reference them for future restoration, maintenance, or clean-up until some other more suitable automatic method can be determined, developed and agreed to by users and system administrators.

Consolidated Page List

  1. MySource:Pawsonlady/v37t0146.ftw ‎(909 links)
  2. MySource:Ckamp3/Estimated Date ‎(835 links)
  3. MySource:Durry 42/Sheila Mackenzie.ged ‎(795 links)
  4. MySource:Hausen ob Verena, Württemberg, Germany. Kirchenbuch, 1742-1879 (Hausen Ob Verena) ‎(296 links)
  5. MySource:Darrellwarner/1880 Carter County, Kentucky Federal Census ‎(287 links)
  6. MySource:Rusch1/rusch2.FTW ‎(270 links)
  7. MySource:Pawsonlady/alfordv13t3206.ftw ‎(238 links)
  8. MySource:GenDetective/ number 1MasterFile ‎(233 links)
  9. MySource:Parksboss/William Prokasy ‎(211 links)
  10. MySource:Cherylhoxie/One World Tree (sm) ‎(196 links)
  11. MySource:Mptaylor/Public Member Trees ‎(195 links)
  12. MySource:Shaunmartin11/matrisch.FTW ‎(119 links)
  13. MySource:Bettykay/reynolds-shelton download 2061328.FTW ‎(115 links)
  14. MySource:Foundaposcous/Norway digital Archives ‎(109 links)
  15. MySource:Ytborn/GEDCOM File : TAYLOR.ged ‎(107 links)
  16. MySource:Bettykay/reynolds 1927676.FTW ‎(101 links)
  17. MySource:Nicksayers/Descendants of Ancestor Scher FT.FTW ‎(92 links)

File Content

Linked pages to the original files above can be referenced by selecting the "What links here" option to the left. It shows all the person pages that link to each of the files above (in filename order).