Frequently Asked Questions

What is the contribution page?

The Contributions page, which is accessible by a link from the My Relate button, displays a list of the pages you have created or edited so that you (and others) can keep track of the contributions you have made to WeRelate.

How do I view my contributions?

Click on the MyRelate tab in the upper left menu bar and click on Contributions. You can also access the Contributions page by visiting the Dashboard.
Once at the Contributions page you can view the entire list of pages you have edited or created, or you can view them by narrowing them into their various namespaces by using the drop-down box located at the top.

How do I view other users' contributions?

You can view the page edits or creations of other users by visiting the user page of the person you are interested in and once there, click on Contributions in the left sidebar. See the search tutorial for help in finding a particular user page.
To quickly see page edits that have been occurring in the recent past, see the recent changes log by clicking on the Admin menu in the upper left menu and then click Recent changes. This brings up a list of all page creations or changes that have occurred over a period of days. From this list, you may also see a particular user's contribution history by clicking on contribs located beside their name. For more information on the recent changes log see the help file on this topic.