Genealogy Contest

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Genealogy Contest

I will be announcing the subject for the current contest on my blog in order for me to use the Blogger scheduling app to make the contest easier to launch on time. ~ Catherine

Thanks for playing ! Good luck!


How to play the game

  1. Whoever solves the mystery or enters the most edits on the current contest subject's page (that are approved by the contest organizers, see below) before the contest is closed, wins the contest.
  2. The contest will close when it is solved or when enough edits have been made according to the contest organizer. The contest will no longer be only one week long.
  3. You will receive one point for each edit.
  4. The winner will be determined by the contest organizers.
  5. Do not enter any information about living people.
  6. Be sure any images you add are in the public domain.
  7. New contests, starting in February will start at noon every Friday Pacific Standard (Seattle) Time.
  8. The winner will receive a special graphic badge to add to their user page, and the admiration of their colleagues.

Approved edits

Not every edit will win a point. In order to win a point, judges will check if an edit has an attached source. Examples of edits that will win points: census data linked to an online source; mention of the subject in a biography, history book or genealogy book; death certificate; birth certificate; mention in a newspaper article; burial information with photos of a headstone; finding and linking to subject's Wikipedia page. Edits that correct an error or dispute an earlier source may also receive a point at the discretion of the judges.

Past winners


If you are playing you may add this badge to your WeRelate user page:


Copy this text to your page: {{userbox | id = [[Image:WeRelate.gif|70px]] | id-c = | info = <span style="color:white">GENEALOGY CONTEST<br> ~PLAYER~</span> | info-c = #ef6f00 | info-s = 10 }}<noinclude> <br clear="all">