Family:Harold Evans and Bobbie Butler (1)


Harold and Bobbie had four children:

1. Amelia "Amy" Faye Evans. She married Rev. Jerry Kennon "Ken" Smith, Jr, son of Dr. Jerry Kennon Smith and Carolyn Ann Goodrich. They had six children: 1. Jeremy Andrew Smith; 2. Nathan Daniel Smith, married Chaffawn Haynes; 3. Micah David Smith, married Kathryn Messer; 4. Joel Evan Smith; 5. Evangelyn "Angie" Faye Smith; 6. Grace Ann Smith.

2. Tracy Neil Evans. He married Patricia "Pat" Gay Yates, daughter of Willard and Bennie Wyatt Yates. They had four children: 1. Katie Elizabeth Evans; 2. Rebecca Michelle Evans; 3. Mitchell Nolan Evans; 4. Abigaile Celeste Evans.

3. Connie Kay Evans. She married Jeffrey "Jeff" Vann Brown, son of Bobby G. Brown and Dorothy V. Brooks. They had one daughter: 1. Sarah Morgan Brown.

4. Cynthia "Cindy" Camille Evans. She married Frederic "Ric" Roswell Seeley IV, son of Frederic Roswell Seeley III and Sarah Willette Curtis. They had two children: 1. Frederic Roswell "Ross" Seeley V. (Ross and Catrina Marino had two children: Alexis Ann and Maliyah Camille); 2. Christopher "Chris" Thomas Seeley.