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While not exactly within the boundaries of "Old Chester", the following list came to hand and is worth presenting here for future reference.


The following data were taken from Historic Pittsburgh, listing of original land warrants given in Warrantee atlas of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania : constructed from the records on file in the Department of Internal Affairs, and surveys made on the ground during 1909, 1910, 1912 under the direction of Henry Houck.


Aten Richard
Baron Francis E.
Berthoff Benlon
Birch Thomas L.
Blair Margaret
Boggs Andrew
Boggs Joseph
Boggs Letitia
Brackenridge Alexander
Bryan Henry
Bryson Samuel
Chess John
Clark Robert
Clendennen Margaret
Constable Thomas
Craig Isaac
David Jno.
Deemer Adam
Donaldson John W.
Donaldson W.
Doughty Thomas A.
Duncan David
Duncan Matthew
Ehrhart Peter
Evans Duncan
Evans Owen
Ferree Jacob
Francis Frederick Eugene
Froman Solomon
Guthrie Robert
Guy William
Guye William
Hacket John
Hall John
Hogan David
Houston James
Huston Agness
Irwin Robert
Jeffries Saml.
Kennedy Thomas R.
Kirk Caleb
Lee Robert Green
Loder John
Loney Amos
Lorain John
Loudon Robert
McCabe James
McCandless Alexr.
McColloch William
McCormick Benjamin
McCormick James
McCormick John D.
McCready James
McCullogh Wm.
McKee James
McKee Robert
McKee Stewart
McKee Thomas
McLaughlin William
McLoughlin William
McMichael John
Mack Geo.
Mack John
Manyweathers Francis
Marshall Mary
Marshall William
Masden Thomas
Matther Joseph
Meeks Jacob
Meeks John
Meeks Joshua
Miller Samuel
Miranda John
Mitchell William
Mogan David
Montour Henry
Morgan Danl.
Morgan Daniel
Morgan David
Morgan John
Morrison George
Morrison James
Nancarrows John
Neely Samuel
Nesbit David E.
Newell Robert
Newell William
Patterson Joseph
Purdon John
Purdon Rachel
Purdon William
Ramesy Thomas
Records Philip
Redick John
Robison Jos.
Rouzer Philip
Scott Alexander
Scott Andrew
Scott Joseph
Scott Joseph Sr.
Scott Samuel
Scott Thomas
Seaton Thomas
Smith David
Smith Joseph
Spence Andrew
Sprout Thomas
Sutton Wm.
Ulery Henry
Vaile John
Vowell Samuel
Vowell Thomas
Ward John
Ward William
Warden William
Welch James
Wentzel John
Wentzell Christopher
Wentzell Jno.
Wolf Jno.
Wright Jeremiah
Wright Zadock