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Source:Summers, 1929


58, 59Bot13 Feb 1770 Appt Justice of the peaceSee: Data. First Justices of Botetourt County, 13 February 1771
62Bot14 February 1770Took Oath of office as Justice of peace, and as Justice of the County Court in Chancery
67Bot15 Feb 1770Listed among Gentlemen Justices of County
69Bot15 Feb 1770Listed among Gentlemen Justices of County
99Bot14 Nov 1770John Maxwell takes further oaths for various court functions.
129Bot14 Aug 1771Along with Samuel Walker, and David Scott, directed to value improvements to two surveys on Buffalo Creek, belonging to James Trimble,
130Bot14 Aug 1771On list of persons recommended as being fit to be County Sheriff
140Bot12 Nov 1771On list of persons to serve on Commission of Peace and Didemus, and Commission of Oyer and terminer
141Bot12 Nov 1771Took oath commionson of Oyer and Terminer
173Bot8 Feb 1773Signed Court minutes
186Bot12 may 1773 Anna Brooks ordered to serve her master John Maxwell, for having a base born child
199Bot11 Aug 1773Recommended for Sheriff
212Bot11 Nove 1773Produced a commission frm the Governor to serve as Sheriff
212Bot11 Nove 1773Protests sufficiency of jail
232Bot9 Aug 1774on Commission of Peace and Dedimus
233Bot10 Aug 1774Protests against the sufficiency of Botetourt cvunty Prison
247Bot14 Nov 1774Road report returned, John Maxwell listed as one of four reporting, road frm Buchanan Store to North River at Paxton Ford
252BotWill of James Trimble presented proved by oath of John Maxwell and Hugh Barclay
381Bot16 Aug 1783JOhn Maaxwell summed to appare at Sept Court to have his account for public collections for the year he served as high sheriff
382BotRequired to pay 108 pds, eight shollings and six pence, as a portion of 322 pounds, 11 shillings, 3 pence execution levide d on Thomas Barnes by Francis Smith, a deputy under Maxwell, plus interests, from 30 Sept 1774, till paid
395Bot14 Sept 1784 Summoned to Court to make settlement of his coolections when Sheriff
541Bot13 march 1771Witess land sale Robert Whitley and Jane his wife toHugh Barely, 335 acres n. side Cedar Creek in th Forks of the James.
561Bot12 May 1779John Maxwell and May his wife, sell 181 acres on James River and 70 acres on Purgatory Creek to Samuel Woods
584Bot7 July 1771Justice of Peace, enters non cupitative will of Alexander WalkerSee: Transcript:Will of Alexander Walker, Botetourt County, 1771
590Fin5 jan 1773 Lease and release to John Maxwell
592Fin2 March 1774
600FinView the way from Catherines Mill to Charles Allisons, and on to Sinclairs Bottom
623Fin3 May 1774Surveyor of Road from Wm Davis to S Fork Reed Creek
640Fin7 Mar 1775Lease and Release of land to John Maxwell
667Fin5 Jan 1773160 ac Br Reedy Creek, a branch of Woods River
669Fin5 jan 1775 300 Acres to john Maxwell on Reed Creek, Woods River
693Mont5 May 1778Petition for road from Carolina Road where it crosses Poplar Camp Mountain, Along by Samuel Ewings, by John Maxwells, Captain Buchanan, and into the County road at William Davies.
702Mont2 March 1779Admin of estate of John Maxwell given to Rebecca Maxwell and Bazeel Maxwell
703Mont2 march 1779one of two overseers of the road from Alexander Wylies to the South Fork of Reed Creek
705Mont6 April 1779to appraise estate of John Irvin
982WashAllowed 2 days attendance, and mileage at 50 miles, as witness for commonwealth against Peter Reazor
1109Wash16 July 1782<td.Appt. Constable in room of Joseph Evans
1160Wash20 Aug 1783replaced as constable by James Campbell
1481Taz1776-1782Garrisoned one of the frontier forts in Tazwell County </table?