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Joseph Cowan (Cowen) w25444 State of North Carolina Haywood County, 1825 " Joseph Cowan aged sixty-six years a resident of this County, he enlisted in the County of Mecklenburg May 1776; he was by Trade a farmer & Hatter but now unable to work at anything for he has lost one I [eye] in Ramsour's Battle & can see but little out of the other, That he has an old wife afflicted with the Palsy; [son] Joseph Cowen was Born the 22d day of Augus AD 1800 Wm Cowen was Born the 3d day of December AD 1801

[fn p. 18: in her bounty land claim, the widow added that she was married in 1799 by one Glass, a justice of the peace in Burke County, NC and that her name prior to her marriage was Nancy Buchanan.];

[facts in file: the widow states that she had 5 children by her husband; Joseph, the eldest]
Thomas Cowan W18922 State of North Carolina Rowan County

On this 11th day of November 1853... Thomas L Cowan, a resident of the town of Salisbury in the said County, aged about seventy-three years...That he is the son of the identical Thomas Cowan and Mary Barkley his wife and widow.Brought into court the Family Bible of the said Thomas Cowan deceased containing the Family Record, and is as follows: viz.:
:Thomas Cowan was born January 23rd AM 1748/9

Mary Barkley was born October 4th, AM 1755 th
Thomas Cowan & Mary Barkley was married December 30 Anno Mundi 1773
Catharine Cowan was born October 14th AM 1774
Mary Cowan was born February 25th AM 1776
Margaret Cowan was born July 13th AM 1777
Lydia Cowan was born January 3rd AM 1779
Thomas L Cowan was born July 8th AM 1780
Ann Cowan was born March 10th AM 1782
Jean Cowan was born February 28th AM 1784
Elizabeth Cowan was born September 24th AM 1785
James Cowan was born February 2nd AM 1788
Aabel Cowan was born October 4th AM 1789
Agness Cowan was born December 27th AM 1792
Abigail Cowan was born September 18th AM 1794
Hezekiah Cowan was born March 29th AM 1796
Levina Cowan was born November 16th 1799
Thomas Cowan Senr. Departed this life December 4th 1817 in the 70th year of his age. Mary Cowan departed this life on Friday the fifth of August 1836, at 7 o'clock P. M.
Believed to be in the Pequea Creek Cowan Lineage