Analysis:1782 Washington County Tax List. Geographic Distribution

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Summary Data
Geographic Distribution


There is some value to looking at the geographic distribution of the tax data. For example, there maybe geographic differences in the number of slaves owned in different areas based on social or environmental factors. The 1782 tax list does not specify exactly where each individual settler resided. It would probably be possible to determine that for most settlers by looking at surveyor and other land records. However, as a first approximation, we may be able to use the tax collector's district to approximate where people were living, and hence, at getting a geographic variations in the tax data. An immediate index to these districts does not seem to be at hand, but we should be able to work this out by looking at the same surveyor and land records noted above. Also, since the tax collectors were usually prominent men in the community, the historical record for where they lived is probably better researched. (See Analysis:Settlement by Watershed in Southwest Virginia for a first cut approximation as to where people were living.).

There were 13 different precincts in the tax List

PrecinctEstimated Location[1]
Major Mastin (probably Joseph Martin) Powell River Valley
Captain Barnett NFHR, Mocassin Creek
Col. Arthur Campbell Upper MFHR
Captain James Montgomery Woolf Creek, HR
Captain Joseph Black Blacks Fort; Abingdon
Colonel William Edmondson Between Middle and South Fork of the Holston
Alexander Montgomery HR
Captain John Kinkead NFHR, CR
Captain Fulkison probably James Fulkerson NFHR
Major Dysart
Captain Robert Craig
Robert Campbell MSF CR
Colonel Aaron Lewis MFHR Dry Branch


  1. Summarized from Robertson's Surveyors Records, See Analysis:Settlement by Watershed in Southwest Virginia )