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Original requirement statement: look for redirect loops

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  • Redirects may be created by several methods
    • manual creation by replacing article text with #redirect [[_target_article_title_]]
    • automated creation when moving (renaming) an article — a redirect is auto-created from the old title to the new title
  • Types of redirect loops
    • Article contains a link to another article that itself is a redirect back to the original referring article
    • Article contains a link to a redirect that itself links to a redirect which is a redirect back to the original article
    • Two articles cross-reference one another via an intervening redirect


Update MediaWiki software before handling this ToDo

There is a note within the release notes for MediaWiki version 1.9, in the section "Changes since 1.8" that states:

Attempt to detect redirect loops for the canonical title redirect, and give some hints to the poor confused administrator.

Thus, upgrading the MediaWiki software (a ToDo item) might help in accomplishing this ToDo item.

--ceyockey 20:05, 14 November 2008 (EST)

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