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Original requirement statement: new MediaWiki version

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  • MediaWiki is the underlying software on which WeRelate runs; features of MediaWiki may be implemented, customized or suppressed in WeRelate depending upon the configuration applied
  • The version of MediaWiki on which WeRelate depends is 1.7.1 (see WeRelate details)
  • The most advanced version of MediaWiki available is 1.13.2, available as of October 2008
  • The latest "stable" release is 1.11, available as of January 2008

Advances for each stable release

The following listing selects from the many changes those that might have the most relevance to WeRelate users. Links to full information are provided where available. The listing provides skews in the direction of changes that impact the use of images on the site.

1.7 to 1.8

  • the ability to block anonymous users was enhanced (Details)
  • Allow filtering of Special:Newpages according to username (Details)
  • Add most viewed pages summary to Special:Statistics (Details)
  • Use a consistent default for upload directories (this improves how the system handles images when uploaded) (Details)
  • Revised presentation on Special:Imagelist (no details available)
  • Don't send email notifications for watched talk pages when user has selected to receive only updates for their own talk page (this relates to the E-Mail section of the User Profile tab of your Preferences page) (Details)
  • Return to user page after emailing a user (if you e-mail yourself, you can see the current behavior of the system) (Details)
  • Added info text to Special:Deadendpages and Special:Lonelypages

1.8 to 1.9

  • Users are now required to set a new password for themselves when they first log in with a newly generated e-mailed password.
  • An "undo" link now appears in diff view for easier reverting of older edits. The changes must be manually reviewed and approved, as with conventional full-revision reverts.
  • Special:Recentchanges and Special:Watchlist now show the number of bytes added or removed to an article to give an idea of the size of the edit.
  • Block blocked IPs from using the mail password function to allow blocking of flooders (Details)
  • Special:Emailuser (used to send email to a user who has registered an email address): add an option to send yourself a copy of your mail. (Details)
  • Stop users being prompted to enter an edit summary for null edits, if they have selected that option in preferences. (Details)
  • Show an 'm' to the left of the edit summary on diff pages for minor edits. (Details)
  • Add distinct heading for media files in category display, with count. (this will have a significant impact on WeRelate as there are many categories that include both articles and images) (Issue 3687 & Details)
  • Add different icons for external links to audio, video, or PDF in Monobook. (Monobook is the only available skin in WeRelate right now) (Details)
  • Add auto-summaries to blankings and large removals without summaries.
  • Allow preview of edit summaries. (this is most useful when you include a wikilink in the edit summary, to confirm it is a blue link) (Details)
  • When viewing old revisions, add link to diff to current version. (this is most useful if you are want to compare a version on the second of later page of History to the current version) (Details)
  • Provide rollback link directly on history page. (Details)
  • Tables with class="sortable" can now be dynamically sorted via JavaScript. (this enhances the functionality of tables significantly) (Details)
  • Left-aligned images should stack vertically, like right-aligned images, not horizontally. (Details)
  • Allow spaces in ISBNs (this improves the flexibility of the ISBN magic word) (Details)
  • Show number of intervening revisions in diff view (Details)
  • Added redirect to section feature. Use it wisely. (this is a convenience when a redirect term is a subtopic of the main topic in an article)
  • correctly get 50 new contributions when clicking '(50 next)' (Details)
  • Allow overriding the default category sort key for all items on a page using {{DEFAULTSORT}} (Details)
  • Support watching pages on move (Details)
  • Support basic links in <gallery> caption attribute (Details)

1.9 to 1.10

1.10 to 1.11

  • Introducing new image keyword 'upright' and corresponding variable $wgThumbUpright. This allows better proportional view of upright images related to landscape images on a page
  • Introducing 'border' keyword to the [[Image:]] syntax (Details)
  • Introducing 'frameless' keyword to [[Image:]] syntax which respects the user preferences for image width like 'thumb' but without a frame.
  • Allow viewing all namespaces in Special:Newpages (Details)
  • Allow HTML attributes on <gallery> (Details)
  • Improved support for audio/video extensions
  • Clip overflow text in gallery boxes for visual cleanliness instead of letting it flow outside the box or trigger ugly scroll bars. (Details and more Details)
  • "Permanent links" to revisions still work if the page is moved and the redirect deleted (Details)
  • Resizing PNG-24 images with GD no longer causes all alpha channel transparency to be lost and transparent pixels to be turned black (Details)
  • Resizing transparent GIF images with GD now retains transparency by skipping resampling