Printable-WeRelate is a MediaWiki extension for producing printable trees and books from werelate.org data, using GraphViz and LaTeX. It's also good for backing-up data from WeRelate.

It is being developed by User:Samwilson and is currently working correctly but still lacking features.



A <printablewerelate> element is added to a page (only one per page), with the following structure:

  <ancestors>Joan Hancox (1)</ancestors>
  <ancestors>Ralph Denton-Barker (1)</ancestors>
  <descendants>Thomas Barker (24)</descendants>
  <descendants>John Munday (2)</descendants>
  <descendants>Harry Hancox (1)</descendants>
  <descendants>Samuel Croskery (1)</descendants>

(A better interface for creating this will be created soon.)

Example Output

An example of the GraphViz output of printable-werelate.
An example of the GraphViz output of printable-werelate.

The book (i.e. LaTeX) output looks like this. More work is being done on source citations etc.

These example files will be updated as development progresses.

The extension is enabled on http://test.archives.org.au/ if you would like to trial it.


The source code is available at https://github.com/samwilson/printable-werelate

Please log any problems or feature requests in the Githug tracker, at https://github.com/samwilson/printable-werelate/issues


Some ideas about GraphViz and family trees: