WeRelate:Overview committee/15 Sep 2013


Notes from 15 Sep 2013 meeting

  • Add Profanity and lewd language policy to the WeRelate:Policy page and link to from Help:Wiki etiquette (JBS66 - Done)
  • Update Help:Administrators' guide to reflect that blocks for reasons other than spam should be referred to the Overview Committee. (JBS66 - Done)
  • Put the Logo Suggestions to vote. Due to attribution requirements, we may need to tweak the chosen logo (JBS66)
  • Discussed Swedish farm type. Question to ask "how may Gårds exist in Sweden?" Consider adding to dropdown box here (Pkeegstra)
  • Rename Gotlands to Gotland (removing the hierarchy level Gotlands). The municipality of Gotlands did not exist before 1971. (Dallan)
  • Remove User:Wuiske tree & leave a message on their talk page - due to many living people, not updated since upload, user can reupload if they wish. (Dallan)
  • Living person exclusion - only if they have a page on Wikipedia (any language version), not if they are mentioned on a page. Update policy text here and here (JBS66)
  • URL in Source title bug - Dallan will look into this
  • Inform Dallan of WikiMedia Conversation
  • Next meeting: October 13, 2013

Agenda for 15 Sep 2013

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