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Villarreal as a surname

There are 30,026 unique Villarreal surnames in the United States.

Name Ranking:
Villarreal is the 779th ranked last name in the United States:

778 Pennington
779 Villarreal
780 Rosales

Top States for last name Villarreal:

  1. Texas 19171 listings
  2. California 3872 listings
  3. Illinois 1196 listings
  4. Michigan 644 listings
  5. Florida 605 listings

Most Popular first names for Villarreal:

  1. Maria 1053 listings
  2. Jose 736 listings
  3. Juan 506 listings
  4. David 279 listings
  5. Jesus 245 listings

Most searched for Villarreal in the United States last month:

Adan Villarreal, TX - 42


Distribution of Villarreal surnames in the United States.

Surname Links

  • The Villarreal Home Page (2007 Edition) was designed for those who share the Villarreal surname and the name's proud heritage.
  • The Villarreal Y-DNA Project identifies DNA evidence of Villarreal ancestral origins.
  • The New World Passenger List identifies a list of Villarreal Conquistadors and Villarreal women, children and colonizers from Villarreal Passengers from Spanish ships lists 1513 to 1624, Lista de Pasajeros a las Indias and "Archivo General de Indias" compiled by Danny Villarreal in May 2005.
  • Early Villarreal Families in Mexico shows descendant charts and location maps for different Villarreal family groups that arrived in Mexico in the early 1500s from Spain.