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Johannes van Ewijk [24 March 2009]

Leeuwarden en Groningen van Ewijk/van Ewijck [30 March 2009]


Researching my roots,mostly very Friesland/Groningen/Waddeneilanden, I've stumbled upon one family that definitely originates elsewhere...the van Ewijk's....

At first they were very easy to track: all Groningen van Ewijk's are more or less "my family", and most Frisian ones (only a few of them) somehow connect.

Which leaves me with the problem of connecting this "clan" to the rest of the (Southern) Netherlands, where there are many many Eeuwijk's, Ewijk's, Ewijck's etc.

I would appreciate some help or hints!

My ancestor is a Johannes van Ewijk, who was a "militair" and married a Marijke de Boer, probably from Leeuwarden, for their son Johannes is born there. I have not been able to find any (sure) siblings. As I don't live in the Netherland, I can only work with websources (Genlias mostly). This son was born in 1800 in Leeuwarden (source: death certificate: died in Groningen 4 sep 1866 aged 66). As his name is Johannes, there must have been brothers..... My Johannes becomes a "Tabakskerver" and also a "winkelbediende". He married a Willemke Jacobus de Vries, b. 1791 in Franeker, d. 1862 in Gron. I've found 6 children for them, Tjeerd, Jacobus, and Johannes born in Leeuwarden, and Hendrik, Marijke, and Haye born in Dokkum. The whole family seems to have moved to Groningen, for from then onwards I find many descendants in Groningen. They "stand out" from the other groningers by the use of two first names, ending very often with -us (Gerardus, Gijsbertus, Harmannus, Jacobus, etc.) Many Maria's, Joanna's, and some Elizabeths. Also Wilhelmina and Christina. I guess they are Catholics.

I also noted a very high number of children dying a few days, weeks, or months after their birth, and quite a lot of adolescent death; I suspect consanguinity. This is a fact that can be traced through all van Ewijks, male or female.

Descendants of Tjeerd changed the name to van Ewijck.

I hope this is the place to post this, because I'm not used to WeRelate, and have no idea how to navigate correctly, or post correctly. There were so many Johannes and Joannis here that i got quite lost.

Thanks in advance, Nicolette--Nicolette 05:15, 27 March 2009 (EDT)

Hi Nicolette,

Yes, I have come across the van Eeuwijk's in Friesland/Groningen before, but to date I have not been able to relate them to the other van Eeuwijk branches that I have come across. In my branch (which I am calling the Bommelerwaard branch as that's where they mostly lived from 1700-present), there is only one, Egidius van Eeuwijk, who moved up north, but only for a few years around 1850 and he moved to Drenthe, not Friesland or Groningen. Like your ancestor, however, he was in the army, and it appears to me that, until the 20th century, few people moved around, except military people. So it is quite possible that your military ancestor was the one who first moved to the north.

If, as you say, they were Catholics, then they most likely came from the south of Holland. The question is from where. This is where the spelling of the name becomes important. Basically, is it "van Ewijk" or "van Eeuwijk". The key distinction is whether a "u" is in the last name. If there is no "u" in the last name, then the family is most likely to originate from the Tiel/Buren/Culemborg area. I call this the "Tielerwaard, North of Linge Branch". I believe that this branch is predominantly Protestant.

If there is a "u" in the last name, then there are several branches south of the river "Linge" and north of the river "Maas". The easternmost branch is my branch, which originates from Maren in Brabant (actually just south of the Maas, but after 1700 the branch predominates in Driel, which is just north of the Maas). Another branch originates just north of the Waal river in Waardenburg, also around 1700. A third branch originates further west along the Waal river around Sleeuwijk after 1700. The interesting aspect of that branch is that they are now called "Eeuwijk", without the "van", but the early members of that branch do have the "van" in their last name. The first two branches are Catholics and primarily work the land, but the latter are Protestants and are primarily employed as fisherman and sailors.

So, in essence, I can't help you very much as I haven't been able to find the link yet either. If you can send some additional detail on the first Johannes who appears in the northern provinces, I may be able to find some more info.

Good luck.

Remco--Rvaneeuwijk 15:12, 30 March 2009 (EDT)

van Eeuwijk [14 September 2013]

Hoi R Mijn moeder was ook een van Eeuwijk en geboren in Driel. 30 jaar gelden was ik begonnen met onderzoek maar na een paar jaren er niet veel meer aan gedaan. Ik heb wel altijd mijn dada base bijgehouden. Ik was ook al uitgekomen bij Wilhelmus Gijsbertus van Eeuwijk en Katrijna Dielis Jansz van de Poll maar ik zie dat jij nog een een paar stappen verder bent.

Heel erg leuk. Ik woon al 35 jaar in de USA en heb toen onderzoek gedaan via de genealogie bestanden van de Mormoonse kerk wat toen al goed toegangbaar was. Het was makkelijker hier onderzoek te doen dan in Nederland. Ik gebruik ook hun software PAF wat 30 geleden het beste programma was en daarom heb ik het nu nog steeds (ik ben geen mormoon)

Zou graag gegevens will delen maar ik ben natuurlijk geintreseerd in de gegevens die jij hebt


Gerrie de Groot--Iplanners 14:49, 14 September 2013 (EDT)