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DeWitt Rockefellow + Mary Jane Criag [18 May 2009]

Hi Rich,

I'm a pretty distant relative of Mary Jane Craig who would be my third cousin,three times removed. Our closest common ancestor was John McClure (1705-1777)of Chester, Pennsylvania. You are descended from his son Benjamin McClure and I'm descended from Benjamin's brother James McClure.As you probably know, both fought in the Revolution. A cousin told me that the Battle of Brandywine was literally fought on John McClure's front yard. Captain James McClure was captured by the British during the Battle of Long Island and was a prisoner on the British prison ship the "Jersey". His daughter married Jesse McKnight. Jesse's widow, Mary,and her four children moved west to Illinois.

Cousin Sue--Sgeiger 21:57, 17 May 2009 (EDT)

Rockefellow [24 June 2009]


I would have responded sooner,but I haven't been on this site for awile,and I don't think they send you an e-mail if you have a message.I believe that I'm your 6th cousin!Way back.Your ancestor,Benjamin McClure,and mine,James McClure,were brothers.They lived in Chester County,PA and fought in the Revolution.We visited there a few summers ago,and I believe I have a photo of Benjamin's grave.

Please contact me at so I can attach the photo to my e-mail.I'd be happy to share what I know,and I'd love to hear about your branch of the family.Do you still live in Iowa or Missouri?I live in California,but my son is currently in medical school in Kirksville,MO.

Sue Geiger--Sgeiger 10:20, 24 June 2009 (EDT)