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Thanks for participating in your virtual community.--sq 22:50, 31 March 2007 (MDT)

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Under Construction [16 June 2008]

This site is presently under construction but will become the public site of my "Buchanan of Essex, Ontario, Canada" genealogical project. In the interim, one may view my original public site at --Raganosis 18:17, 16 June 2008 (EDT)

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Robert Gustin [23 September 2009]

Descendants of Sophia Elliott Keeler

1 Sophia Elliott Keeler b: 10 Dec 1857 in London, Middlesex Co., Ontario, CANADA d: 25 Dec 1918 in Essex, Ontario, Canada .. +Robert Gustin b: 05 Jun 1847 in Kingsville, Essex Co., Ontario, Canada d: 08 Dec 1928 in Essex, Ontario, Canada m: 19 Aug 1882 in St Clair Co., MI Father: John Gustin Mother: Alice Stewart 2 Frederick 'Freddie' Gustin b: 13 Feb 1883 in London, Ontario, CANADA d: 1947 in Orlando, FL ... +Mary J. Hank b: 26 Jan 1861 in MISSING PLACE m: 18 May 1915 in Marion Co., IN 2 Sadie Lavinia Gustin b: 02 Sep 1886 in Ontario, Canada ... +Charles McVoy b: Unknown in ? M, D, Y - MISSING PLACE m: Unknown in ?M, D, Y - MISSING PLACE 2 Ernest Arthur 'Ernie' Gustin b: 10 Apr 1888 in Colchester South, Ontario, Canada 2 Maude Mae Gustin b: 12 May 1890 in London, Ontario, CANADA ... +Everett Orton b: Unknown in ? M, D, Y - MISSING PLACE m: Unknown in ?M, D, Y - MISSING PLACE 2 Allen Ikemand Gustin b: 14 Apr 1892 in Ontario, Canada 2 Robert Burns 'Bob' Gustin b: 15 Nov 1894 in MISSING PLACE d: 27 Feb 1963 in London, Ontario, Canada Burial: Springbank, Ontario, Canada ... +Bessie Olive Grant b: 15 May 1905 in MISSING PLACE d: 27 Dec 1947 in London, Ontario, Canada m: Unknown in ?M, D, Y - MISSING PLACE Burial: Springbank, Ontario, Canada Father: John Alexander Grant Mother: Mary Caroline Kulp 2 Almina Elsie 'Mina' Gustin b: 29 Dec 1895 in Ontario, Canada d: Aug 1979 in London, Middlesex Co., Ontario, CANADA Burial: Aug 1979 Spouth Gpsford Twp., Ruthven, Ontario, CANADA ... +Charles Tapping b: Abt. 1895 in Wales, UK d: Jun 1961 in London, Ontario, Canada m: Abt. 1915 in MISSING PLACE 2 [1] Edith Gertrude Gustin b: 13 May 1899 in Mersea Twp, Essex Co, Ontario, Canada d: Unknown in ? M, D, Y - MISSING PLACE ... +Judson Wright b: 12 Jan 1899 in Colchester S. Twp, Essex Co., Ontario, Canada d: Unknown in ? M, D, Y - MISSING PLACE m: 29 Mar 1918 in Ruthven, Essex Co., Ontario, Canada *2nd Husband of [1] Edith Gertrude Gustin: ... +Unknown Wordsworth b: Unknown in ? M, D, Y - MISSING PLACE m: Unknown in ?M, D, Y - MISSING PLACE--Thoot 13:30, 23 September 2009 (EDT)

William Leslie [16 May 2010]

Hi, I just upload my research on the Leslie Family (from Port Mouton, Queens, NS) and notice you have a William Leslie who married a Mitchell. Do you have any further information that might connect him to the Leslie's I have uploaded?

Regards, Linda Hart--Kittyeben 10:32, 16 May 2010 (EDT)

Rolphe Webb Hendershot & Jean Mcmaster Macintyre [25 May 2010]

These were my Grandparents. Jean daughter of Solomon Macintyre of Ekfrid Ontario and Isabel Hogarth of Hespeler Ontario was Born 1902 Grand Rapids, Michigan. Have more info on extended family.--Ballywing 01:21, 25 May 2010 (EDT)

HAGEMAN family [19 July 2010]

If you belong to Genealogy Wise I have posted a file of 6 generations on the HAGEMAN family on the Long Island group in the discussion forum. You do have to register with Genealogy Wise but there is no fee.

There is also a web page devoted to the HAGAMAN (& various spellings), again free but you do have to register to add comments.

I collect all HAGAMAN/etc. data (male lines) on the Dutch family that settled in New York, thanks, Jim.--Jim LaLone 10:42, 19 July 2010 (EDT)

Great Grandson of Henry Cassidy [24 October 2010]

Dear Sir,

I have just found this site and have started researching my family background. I have desended from Mr. Henry Cassidy (my great grandfather), father to George Kimball Cassidy and Lena McEldowney, and son to Robert William Cassidy.

I see that you have added Henry Cassidy to your watchlist. May I ask that you contact me as I am trying my best to gather information on my past family.

Thanking you in advance.

Kimball George Cassidy--Kimball G Cassidy 07:45, 24 October 2010 (EDT)

Nellie Dickinson 1871-1946 [16 January 2011]

Hi I noticed that you had a watch on this page. This Nellie Dickinson was my great grandmother. I noticed that you had the name Chapman in your surname list, so I am wondering if you know more on the Chapman line than I am finding currently listed.

Thanks, Joan--Qtzlady 19:06, 15 January 2011 (EST)

Rev Adam Snyder. [6 November 2011]

I am the Great Grand daughter of Rev Adam Snyder and Jessie Wright. My Grandfather was Reidie Garfield Snyder, he had 2 sisters, Lillian and Mildred.. I am trying to find out more about Rev A Snyder.--Tessa Rochfort 01:11, 6 November 2011 (EDT)

Ring, etc. [2 September 2012]

Ron, Just saw your Ring information on werelate. Naturally, I wondered who put it there. Nice to see you are still active in this family stuff. Good Hunting!! Gil Leach in the beautiful Hudson Valley of NY.--Gildcgs 16:19, 2 September 2012 (EDT)

Duncan MacColl [aka McCall] and his wife Catherine Wigle [29 June 2013]

Hi! I have been working on Find-a-Grave memorials for persons with monuments at the Ford Cemetery in Elgin County, Ontario [1].

While looking for additional information on Duncan MacColl and his wife Catherine Wigle, listed on the MacColl family memorial as having connections in Gosfield, I found the WeRelate pages for Person:Duncan McCall (2) & Person:Catherine Wigle (6), which you are watching.

Although Duncan [2] & Catherine might not be actually buried at Ford Cemetery, the text on the memorial for the extended family will be of interest to you. With just the single source (the cemetery transcript), I didn't feel confident about making changes at WeRelate.

If you would like to provide additional information, corrections or links for the Find-a-Grave memorials, I will gladly incorporate the data. I'll also try to answer any questions - I grew up in Aldborough Township, but am not related to any of the people in the Ford memorials or their descendants.

--Bgwiehle 11:26, 29 June 2013 (EDT)

lance Corporal Max Munger Wright [16 November 2013]

I'm doing some research into geographical features in northern Canada named in honour of Canadian fatal war casualties. L/Cpl Wright has a Lake in NWT named in his honour I'm attempting to obtain a picture of each of the fallen If you have a picture of this brave infantryman or know where I might look it would be greatly appreciated. Also I have prpared a biographical sketch if you are interested.

We shall remember them \ Blair Neatby Yellowknife,NT--Bneatby 19:54, 16 November 2013 (UTC)

Cornelius Quick and Elizabeth Quimby [18 February 2017]

Hi rag:

I have been looking at your profile for Cornelius Quick and Elizabeth Quimby and I have a few comments to make about it. My comments are based on a lot of work I have done on this family over the years using original historical documents. They do not include hearsay from genealogical chat rooms. If you have access to you will find much of it in a family tree I call “The John Quick Extended Family” (on quick71).

Comments: 1 Cornelius Quick’s parents were NOT Johannes Quick and Williampia Kenney but Tunis Quick and his first wife, whose name is still, strictly speaking, unknown. Some ancestry members have her Catherine Van der Beeck but I am not convinced. After her death Tunis married again, this time marrying Catherine Kinney, who was, in fact, Williampia Kinney’s sister. Johannes Quick and Tunis Quick were brothers. The major source for your information is a book by Arthur Craig Quick published in 1942. He was mistaken on this point.

2 Elizabeth Quimby was Cornelius Quick’s 2nd wife. His first wife - the mother of his children - was a lady we think was Sarah Crishan. The evidence is circumstantial and way too long for me to explain here (I deal with it on my tree). I am pretty sure we have the right person.

3 The story of Elizabeth Quimby is a good one, but way too long to go into here too. She was married 4 times, and after she buried the fourth one (the 2nd Cornelius Quick) she moved with her children to Warren Ohio and died there. There is even a stone on her grave in the city cemetery.

4 The person Jonathan Quick you have dying in Barry County, Michigan, was NOT a child of Cornelius Quick and Elizabeth Quimby. You will have to find another set of parents. The children of Cornelius Quick and Sarah Crishan are all well-known from his 1787 will (again discussed on my tree).

I will be happy to answer whatever question you might have, but I would appreciate questions being asked only after you have studied my tree.

Regards Stuart Quick--Quick71 04:00, 18 February 2017 (UTC)