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Thank you [8 April 2013]

I've been trying to sort out making tables from other instructions in WeRelate ever since I joined over a year ago. All attempts were unsuccessful until I came across this page and the simple "How to make an html table". Now I see how to do it.

Places, their history and hierarchy, has been my chief WR interest. Having worked out southern Ontario, I have now switched to tidying up Scotland--a country which numbered its original parishes and and continued the numbering systerm into its Registration Districts which semi-replaced them--particularly in cities--in 1855. Scotland has gone through a couple of reorganizations of administrations recently, but the numbering is still traceable. Just the kind of information that needs a table to present it.

Scotlandspeople provides all the data in Excel as free information on a pay website. Now to get on with drafting between 600 and 700 tables! --goldenoldie 09:28, 8 April 2013 (EDT)