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Here you go... [15 February 2009]

A couple of notes:

  • Your portal code basically goes like this:
    • The whole thing is encased in a template Template:Portal (without footer). This sets the basic 2-column structure.
    • Towards the top, is a section that begins with <!----THIS IS THE TOP HEADER BOX--->, you can put in a title and box contents here. If you want things aligned differently, let me know.
    • The boxes go in order from Top Left, continues down to the bottom of the left column, then goes back up to the top Right.
    • You can move or delete the boxes, you must include everything between the {{ }}
    • Each box calls another template Template:Portal-box (this sets the design for each box). You can edit the box color, title, and contents. The box will shrink/grow based upon the contents.
  • What type of page is the final project going on? I can adjust the widths or either the top header box (if it's going on a page without ads), or adjust the column boxes (if it's going on a wider page)
  • You can edit your Sandbox page code, but not the template code. There are places in the Sandbox page code to edit color, titles, and contents.

Let me know if you have any questions. Have fun!--Jennifer (JBS66) 15:59, 15 February 2009 (EST)

Jennifer: thanks! you rock! The first "portal" I'm going to build is for the Great Migration, which I'd initially drafted here: User:Jillaine/Sandbox, but that format quickly reached its limits; I need more boxes. Once I've got it done, I suppose I'd put it in Portal:Great_Migration if that can happen. Otherwise, just Great_Migration.
When you say "Each box calls a template" -- does that mean that I have to place the text in each of the different templates? Or can I just edit the code currently here? I am still not completely template-savvy. Every time I think I understand how templates are used, I get confused all over again.
back to cleaning... -- jillaine 16:08, 15 February 2009 (EST)

When I say "calls a template", I mean that when you see code wrapped in {{ }} (and, it could take up multiple lines), it is sort of like making a phone call to the template to get further instructions. The template contains the box sizes, the way they are bordered at the top with a color etc. When Dallan set those templates up, he allowed for 3 variables, title, color, and content. You'll see those words repeated in each an every box. You can't remove those words, because that's how it gives the template details. But, I put placeholder text in there for you.

  • When you see BOX #, you can replace that code with your title.
  • Where you see rgb(#,#,#), you can replace that with your color (note: this can either be in this rgb format or in the more common #a2b4ff format (here is a wiki article on colors with both types of formats).
  • Lastly, you have ADD YOUR TEXT HERE, which you can replace with your box contents (you can use the familiar wiki code to bullet, indent...).

So, editing the template is not something you really want to do - unless you want me to tweak widths etc. You just edit the code that is in the Sandbox. You can always add boxes, just copy all of the lines between the {{ }} (currently about 6 lines of code)

Feel free to ask questions!--Jennifer (JBS66) 18:00, 15 February 2009 (EST)

Looking Great! [16 February 2009]

Hi there - boy, cleaning all day, dinner party, and you still found time to play!
It's looking very nice. You know, I asked a silly question above about what type of page this is going on - a portal page - duh! So, when this does get moved to a final page, your header box will remain that wide. Also, the other boxes will be able to be widened considerably (this is done through editing one of the templates).--Jennifer (JBS66) 06:06, 16 February 2009 (EST)