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Duplicate William Stuart [17 May 2011]

Hello, I noticed that you added a second William Stuart as a son of Samuel Stuart and Anna Sigler, with the same birth and death dates as another William Stuart. In the future, if you have a person that is a duplicate of a person already entered on WeRelate, just add your information (as long as it doesn't conflict), instead of adding another duplicate person. WeRelate is a collaborative site where every person or family only has one page and researchers work together to get the best information.

Please note this for future additions to WeRelate. I have merged the two duplicate William Stuarts into the William Stuart listed above.

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Co-Administrator at 09:46, 12 May 2011 (EDT)

Thank you, I am Learning to use this site sorry for the trouble.--Destuart 09:58, 17 May 2011 (EDT)

John Stuart changes [5 May 2013]

Hello, I noticed the change you made to John Stuart, removing him from the family page: John Stewart and Sarah Givens. Do you have any sources to prove that John was not the husband of Sarah Givens? It would be helpful when you make changes such as this to add whatever sources/documentation to support your changes, so other researchers can check them against their sources and records. Please let me know what the rationale for making this change was at your earliest convenience.

Thanks much,

Jim:)--Delijim 13:33, 1 November 2012 (EDT)

I have found no source to the fact that John Stuawart as he signs His last will in 1771 was ever married to Sarah Givens as none of John's,Children are named Sarah nor are any of the next generations children. John Names his beloved wife Mary His sons William,John,James and his daughters Jane, Mary, Elizabeth. ans since there were other John Stewart/Steuart/Stuart's I can only use what I Have a sorce for.

Also The father: of William Stuart who died 1768 as he signed his will I believe I am write to say That He was the eldest son since he inherited his Fathers land in Raffry CO. Down Ireland, A William Stewart is listed on Proni in Rafry in 1764.he is the only Stewart Listed in Raffry before 1768 when william the son died.

I have also found Andrew and Mary Stewart/Shaw, and Thomas and Ann Stewart/Osburn, Andrew and Mary Shaw Lived out thier lives as Merchants in Saintfield Co. Down which is about 20 miles from Raffry.

James Stewart is found in Raffry in the woods as is Thomas osburne in 1791 on proni's web site. Well all the sorces I have that are documented and recorded as fact can be found on Family and and, also a Copy of Williams will from 1768, Johns Will from 1771 and Johns will from 1790 were obtained from the court House records in staunton Va. the rest is passded down from family bibles and history.--Destuart 13:16, 5 November 2012 (EST)

The following land records clearly establish that John Stewart had a wife Sarah prior to abt. 1765 (These are listed on John's Person Page):

Page 176.--7th February, 1762. John Stewart and Sarah to William Mann, £152.10, 320 acres on Jackson's River and mouth of Falling Spring.
Page 540.--2d July, 1762. John Given and John Stewart and Sarah ( ) to Hugh Lenox and William Scott, merchants of Spottsylvania, £120, 179 acres on a branch on north side of the Little River of New River, patented, 22d August, 1753, to Robert Box and conveyed by Ephraim Vause to said John Given and John Stewart, 14th April, 1760. Teste: James Ward. Acknowledged and privy examination. (Note: John Givens was the father-in-law of John Stewart).
Page 99.--6th Setpember, 1762, John Stewart and Sarah ( ) to Thomas and Andrew Lewis and William Preston, £170, 1/4 acre lot, being part of lot 3 in Staunton, lower end of Francisco's house in the Main Street, Robert Read's lot; lot on which John Stewart now dwells; and 25 acres of woodland, part of 50-acres lot No. 8. bounded by lot No. 7, 9, by William Beverley's land. Teste: Peter Grant, James Crawford, John Murray. Delivered: Jno. Frogg, March Court, 1773.
Page 568.--26th March, 1764. John Stewart and Sarah to Israel Christian, £150, part of lot No. 3 adjoining the lot whereon Wm. Crow now lives, also 1/2 woodland lot No. 8. Livery by a latch of the door of the house on the premises. Delivered: Thomas Madison, March Court, 1773.

The fact that John didn't have a daughter Sarah that survived until the writing of his will in 1771 does not prove that he didn't have a prior marriage with Sarah. John clearly had children born several years prior to 1765, when Mary shows up in records with him. After the record in March 1764, the next record in August 1765 shows his wife as "Mary":

Page 78.--20th August, 1765. John ( ) Stewart and Mary ( ) to Samuel Steel, £50, 148 acres in Borden's tract; corner John Stewart; corner Robert Stewart. Teste: John Stewart, William, Samuel and Jno. Edmiston.

In John's will, he clearly names two different Williams in his will. (one his "eldest son" and the other still not an adult, as follows: "to son, William, when he attains 20 years". This provides additional evidence that 1) John had a prior marriage (to Sarah), and 2) his younger son William was likely with Mary. There is no record in Chalkley's prior to 1765 listing Mary as John's wife. Since the elder son William was an adult in 1771, he had to have been born prior to 1750, 15 years before any record of Mary as his wife.

In summary, records certainly support John Stewart as having two wives, 1) Sarah prior to 1750 and 2) Mary probably just prior to the land record listed above in 1765. The only likely child of his second marriage is the son William "when he attains 20 years" named in his will.

If you have any records to prove otherwise, let me know. As stated earlier, all of these records are on John Stewart's Person Page, including the rationale for the existence of his two wives. If there were any records that could prove that Mary was this John Stewart's wife prior to 1764 (when records of Sarah cease), then it could be proven that the John that married Sarah was a different person than the one that married Mary, but such records do not seem to exist, unless you can provide them.

Thank you, I'll await your response.

Best regards,


Sorry I have been away for so long, but inresponse to removing Sarah givens as My John Stuawarts wife, I found incourt records where John was appointed as Gardian of Sarah Givens so I believe that John Stewart went to court with sarah but was not her husband but her gardian. As we know women for the most part did not handle business affairs, I am not sure what the date was when John toke gardianship of Givens but it is in the published court records of augusta co. I also have a copy of john's will who died in 1771 She is not mentioned in this will. The one person I can not get any info on is (Francis Stewart) He/she is named in John Stewarts will in 1771,and Williams will in 1768 and then (John Stuart and Frances Burnsides) fist child is named (Mary Frances).--Dabrock 14:08, 5 May 2013 (EDT)

In reference to John stauart having two sons named William, In Johns Will in 1771 He bears reference to Williams double inheritance One from his Uncle William who died in 1768 and the other from His father (John,1771) at his death and when he attains age 19. I do not read this as two sons but as two inheritances. Also I am not sure he William ever took possesion of this land. There is a court record Of William Stuart in 20 sept. 1785 that states that John was Heir-at-Law to the deceased William Stuart. We know that Uncle william died in 1768 Williams Brother John died in 1771, the land that William left his Nephew William was appraised in 1770 at which time John Stuart was appointed to hold this land till William reached 19/20. nephew(William Stuart)was in the revolutionary war. And in 1785 his younger brother John Stuart is awarded this property. I do not find any other records Of William after this.--Dabrock 15:12, 5 May 2013 (EDT)

I am sorry, The court records I found on 16 aug. 1758 was a (Sarah Bird not Givens.) there is however A Sarah Givens in middle river in 1757 but she was Married to a William Givens at that time. thier daughter Sarah married Isac Gregory. Document States that John Stuart is appionted Surity for Sarah Bird on 16 Aug.1758.--Dabrock 15:26, 5 May 2013 (EDT)