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If you need any help, I will be glad to answer your questions. Just click on my signature link below and then click on the “Leave a message” link under my name in the upper left corner of my profile page. Thanks for participating and see you around! Debbie Freeman --DFree 20:41, 6 June 2011 (EDT)

Message for Dana Delight [29 June 2011]

That web address instead took me to DFree which doesn't explain who Dana.delight is or even if DFree is the same person as Dana.delight.

I have a HUGE concern and truly regret that I made the mistake of submitting anything to WeRelate which is why I isolated my Joseph Jones / Mary Covalt line from all my others hoping, in part, that someone out there that I have not discovered has solved the mystery of the identity of Evan W. Jones' first wife beyond her given name, Mary, and her date of birth, August 31, 1796, which I would stake my life on its accuracy. And also the family history of Harriet Bell's grandfather, Joseph Jones.

Since submitting the Joseph Jones / Mary Covalt GedCom, I have discovered Joseph Jones' place of residence in southwest Pennsylvania when he was sent to Fort Washington south of present day Cincinnati, OH, but that is as close as we've gotten to his further history.

Now that you've worked through the Brownfields and arrived at Harriet Bell Jones, I have a LOT of things to reveal to you, so I need, and must have, personal contact with you from here out. --Wilene Smith in Wichita, KS--Wilene 16:19, 24 June 2011 (EDT)

You can find a link to User Wilene who would like to talk to you on my Talk Page Debbie Freeman --DFree 20:46, 24 June 2011 (EDT)

I am Dana Brownfield (Marshall Brownfield--Ruby Brownfield--Marshall Charles Brownfield--Samuel Brownfield--John or James Brownfield--Robert J. Brownfield--John Brownfield Jr--John Brownfield Sr--Robert Brownfield (1st gen American)

I'll try to update my user profile soon. You can email me at dana dot brownfield at gmail dot com.

Cheers, Dana--Dana.delight 06:49, 29 June 2011 (EDT)