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Ivy Stephens & Frederick Larcombe [2 February 2012]

Hi, You contacted me re Ivy and Frederick. Ivy and I are both descended from the Nicholas family from Downton in Wiltshire. So you and I would be very distant cousins. I don't have much info on Ivy and Fred, only what I've got from censuses etc, which I haven't got around to adding yet. If you have info, please feel free to add it to their respective pages (and anyone else that you have info on) and add other members of the family. If you would prefer to send it to me to add, that's OK too. My email is Regards, Sharon.--Shaz1 01:10, 1 February 2012 (EST)

hello i have plenty of info etc is this a site where you can only put deceased relatives on the tree? i got confused at one point and thought where on earth is my great uncle lol my nans brother lol... i still havent got a clue how to use this site , the tree's are really hard to do, that what i think anyway.. I have photos of ivy and fred and i havent found any of daisy yet which i would love to look at! as all the family look alike! Ivy was very glamorous and a very good pianist . Fred was a police officer at salisbury depot for 25 years then soon later retired and became a publican with my great grandmother ivy at the dorset arms pub in lymington, hampshire which is now a doctors surgery! My grandmother was born there and everytime i go to the doctors i can see my nans old swing outside and the fireplace is the same and i think nan mentioned there are some old milk bottles in there too! If you would like any photos please let me know.


Charlotte--Charley89 05:29, 2 February 2012 (EST)