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This page provides an index of the ancestral lines by surname. The families are listed in Alphabetical order beginning with the most recent ancestor. The ancestors are numbered by their generation in the ancestry.



  1. Mary Bullock m. John Camm
  2. Richard Bullock and Alice Unknown


  1. Ann Camm m. Holt Cluverius
  2. John Camm m Mary Bullock


  1. Mary Cluverius m. John Madison
  2. Holt Cluverius m. Ann Camm
  3. Benjamin Cluverius m Grace Holt
  4. John Cluverius m. Catherine
  5. Rev. John Cluverius m. Anne


  1. Sarah Craycraft m. Rev. George Tarvin
    Ancestry: Sarah Craycraft DNA Circle
  2. Joseph Craycraft m. Ann 'Nancy' Stanton


  1. Mary Harlan b1717 PA m Hugh Laughlin
  2. Aaron Harlan b1685 Ireland *immigrant* m Sarah Heald
  3. George Harlan b1649 England *immigrant* m Elizabeth Duck


  1. Rachel Haydon m. Robert Madison
  2. Abner Haydon m. Mildred 'Milly' Garnett
  3. John Haydon (1728-1801) m1. Christian Brown
    Ancestry: John Haydon DNA Circle
  4. Thomas Haydon (c1698-1782), m. poss. Ann Kirke
  5. Thomas Haydon (1640-1717), m. _____ Curson (dau of Francis Cursonwell)
  6. Thomas Haydon (1615-?), m. Maria Pickering


  1. Mary Holaday b1786 NC
    Ancestry: Mary Holaday DNA Circle
  2. Thomas Holaday b1756 NC
    Ancestry: Thomas Holiday DNA Circle


  1. Grace Holt m. Benjamin Cluverius (see Cluverius)
  2. Jeremiah Holt


  1. Mary Laughlin b1751 NC m James Woody
    Ancestry: Mary Laughlin DNA Circle
  2. Hugh B Laughlin c1715 Ulster *immigrant* m Mary Harlan
  3. James Laughlin c1692 Ulster *immigrant* m Elizabeth


  1. Eleanor Lindley m. George Maris
    Ancestry: Eleanor Lindley DNA Circle
  2. Thomas Lindley m. Ruth Hadley
  3. James Lindley (the Immigrant) m. Eleanor Parke


  1. Harriet Madison m. James J. Parish
  2. Robert Madison m. Rachel Haydon
  3. John Madison m. Mary Cluverius


  1. Eleanor C. Maris m. Thomas Woody
  2. John Maris m. Sarah Pickard
  3. George Maris m. Eleanor Lindley
    Ancestry: George Maris DNA Circle
  4. John Maris, Jr. m. Katherine Bound Hayden
  5. John Maris, Sr. m. Susannah Lewis
  6. George Maris (the immigrant) m. Alice
  7. George Maris m. Alice


  1. Eleanor Mudd m. George Tarvin
  2. Thomas Boarman Mudd m. Rebecca Wright Lowe


  1. Margaret Anna Noel m. Albert M. Woody
  2. William T Noel m. Mary
  3. Bernard Noel
    Ancestry: Bernard Noel DNA Circle


  1. Anna Henderson Parish m. Horatio A. Woody
  2. James J. Parish m. Harriet Madison
  3. Thomas Parish m. Cassandra Tarvin


  1. Sarah Pickard m. John Maris


  1. Cassandra Tarvin m. Thomas Parish
  2. Rev. George Tarvin m. Sarah Craycraft
  3. George Tarvin m. Eleanor Mudd
  4. Richard Tarvin (the immigrant) m. Elizabeth Dent
  5. George Tarvin (of Liverpool) m. Martha


  1. Wayne Shaffer Woody
  2. Albert Parish Woody, 1893 m. Mary Frances Shaffer, 1896 (see Shaffer page)
  3. Horatio A. Woody, 1863 m. Anna Henderson Parish, 1862
  4. Albert M. Woody, 1836 m. Margaret Anna Noel, 1843
  5. Thomas Woody, 1805 m. Eleanor C. Maris, 1810
  6. John Woody, 1778 m. Mary Holaday, 1786
    Ancestry: John Woody DNA Circle
  7. James Woody b1744 MD m. Mary Laughlin, 1751
    Ancestry: James Woody DNA Circle