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This page provides an index of the ancestors of Mary Frances Shaffer following ancestral lines by surname. Within a surname group ancestors are listed in generational order beginning with the most recent ancestor. The ancestors are numbered by their generation in the ancestry of Wayne Shaffer Woody, who is generation 1.


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  1. Marie Babin m. Louis William Stebens/Stevens
  2. Simon Babin
  3. Jean Babin
  4. Charles Babin
  5. Antoine Babin who came to Acadia from France before the 1671 census


  1. Mary F. Baxter m. James S. Cutliff
  2. Eli H. Baxter m. Julia Richardson
  3. Andrew Baxter m. Elizabeth Harris


  1. Emily Bourgeois m. William Alexander Shaffer
  2. Michel Bourgeois m. Marie Desiree Stevens
    Ancestry: Michel Bourgeois DNA Circle
  3. Michel Bourgeois m. Anne Landry


  1. Minerva Cantey m. John Jackson Shaffer
  2. Thomas Singletary Cantey m. Ann Kenner Harbour
    Ancestry: Thomas Singletary Canty DNA Circle
  3. Thomas Cantey m. Susan Singletary
  4. Joseph Cantey m. Ann
  5. Samuel Cantey m. Ann
  6. William Cantey m. Jane
  7. Teige Cantey m. Elizabeth


  1. Julia Cutliff m. John Dalton Shaffer
  2. James S. Cutliff m. Mary F. Baxter
  3. Benjamin Cutliff * m.1804 Putnam Co., Ga. Miss Ray
  4. Abram Cutliff * m. 1781
  • Cutliff and Dalton individuals found in notes by John Jackson Shaffer, Jr. in an old genealogy book


  1. Jane Dalton
  2. Samuel Dalton II * m. Charlotte Gallahue
  3. Samuel Dalton * m. Anne Dandridge Redd
  4. William Dalton * (immigrant)


  1. Ann Kenner Harbour m. Thomas Singletary Cantey
    Ancestry:Ann Kenner Harbour DNA Circle
  2. Thomas Adonijah Harbour m. Jane Dalton
  3. Adonijah Harbour b. 1748 Goochland, Va., m. Ann (Nancy) Dalton b. 1752 Louisa, Va.
  4. Thomas Harbour b. 1690 Wales, m. 1710 Charles City, Va. Sarah Witt b. 1695 Charles City, Va.


  1. Elizabeth Harris m. Andrew Baxter
  2. Thomas Harris, 1740 mar. 1758 Mary Patterson, 1740


  1. Julia Richardson m. Eli H. Baxter
  2. Obadiah Richardson m. Jane Bush
  3. Daniel Richardson m. Fanny Long, dau of Reuben Long


  1. Wayne Shaffer Woody
  2. Mary Frances Shaffer m. Albert Parish Woody
  3. John Dalton Shaffer m. Julia Cutliff
  4. John Jackson Shaffer m. Minerva Cantey
  5. William Alexander Shaffer m. Emily Bourgeois
  6. John Shaffer m. Hepsibah Strother


  1. Marie Desiree Stevens m. Michel Bourgeois
    Ancestry: Marie Desiree Stevens DNA Circle
  2. Louis Stebens m. Marie Babin
  3. Stanislaus Stebens m. Anne Colcein


  1. Hepsibah Strother m. John Shaffer
  2. Col. William Strother This is not yet proved
  3. William Strother m. Milfred Taliaferro


  1. Mildred Taliaferro m. William Strother
  2. Charles Taliaferro m. Ann Kemp
  3. John Taliaferro m. Sarah Smith
  4. Robert Taliaferro The Immigrant m. Katherine Dednam
  5. Francis Taliaferro of London m. Bennett Haie
  6. Bartholomew Taliaferro of Italy m. Joane Lane