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Hello Everyone

About myself: I'm Ben Struble retired Navy living in the Philippines as a pensioner. My lifestyle here I have plenty of time to persue my interestand passions (Family & History).I've always had an interest in history and with my research into my family have found much exciting information. It's remarkable how some of my ancestry were the movers and shakers not of just one nation or continent. I hope we can connectect and will be more than willing to openly share my knowlege.

Patriarchial side: Paternal: Struble, Wyngart, Tintle, Sanders, Leddy, Pembrook, Rice, Chew, Wilkens, Knaus, Marion, Schulster, Ewing, and Miller.

Maternal: Livengood, Myer(Meyer), Starnes(Starns), Brunner, Neff, Davis, Alexander, Woods, Caldwell, Johnson, Spencer, Johnston, Jones, Corken. Hornberger, Grimes, Kleine, Nancy, Holihan, McClean, McCammon, Rankin, cox, and Mason.

Matriarchial: Paternal: Mcnamer/Kenney, Chance, Park, Cline, Yadon, Sidwell, Chance, Armstrong, Thompson, Yadon, Capps, Guthrie, Mildews, Armstrong, Millschlagel, Pennybacker(Pennybecker), Smith,and Key.

Maternal: Kelley, Baker, Butler, Moore, Goddard, Bliss, Waite, Standen, Freind, Crittenden, Clarkson, Feilder, Davis,Lum, Foote,White, Woodward, Woodbury, Cummings, Hurlbut, Whitney, Mousal, Stevens, Brown(Browne), Kingley, Putnam, Lovell, Hodgkins, Loker, Hapgood, Hett, Wilder, Damon, Simonds, Whittaker, Kingsley, Haile, Conant, Putman, Fuller, Rocket, Herrick, Esty, Harris, Kendrick, Cole, Tillinghast, West, Boardmand, Trask, and related branches.

Looking forward for the cousins to share histories of all the allied branches. No question if answerable unanswered. Just ask for equal collaberation. I find it particulatly interesting the the greater infomation is on both my maternal lines. I also find connections to all my Grandparents with exception of my Matriachial paternal side.

One thing within a few generations maybe original, those that trace they famlies have few authentic records and find redundant info so please  jot down the source. It'll save you time trying to remember where you got the info later. Genealogy is compiling history.

Places: Pretty much all the counties of the UK, Ireland, Austrlia:New South Wales, and the European continent. Both sides have some of the earlest families for the British colonis of the USA mainly Ma, NJ, NY, Pa, and Va. The Goddard linage is a proven Royal linage with many of the Peers and Gentry of England. Also the Martriarchial side has early Australian linage.

Safe to say my ancestors were looking for improvement of their life or just had ittchy feet. :>)

I have only placed one gedcome out on the Patriachial. Paternal side but will be going over my refrances and cleaning to place the others. God it'll be some work have to revalidate and try to proof and I very bad at proofing myself.