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I am pretty new to WeRelate website. I just uploaded my GEDCOM to this WeRelate to share any information from my family tree with you all. However, it is NOT final. It's still a work in progress and information that you have seen before might be changed to reflect with new information and sources I've founded from genealogical sites and other substantiated sources. There are more or less 4700 names in my family tree but some names can be deleted or added based on what new information I've researched on.

I'm the 21st generation male-descendant of the only known Robert de Underhulle (1250 - 1313) of Bushbury, England.

I have taken a painstaking and very thorough research on my family tree since May of 2007, particularly on the family relations on the direct and indirect lineages preceding and succeeding an Underhill ancestor. Not all information on such relations are 100% rock solid, as there may be few, if not some, discrepancies or inconsistent connections between relating ancestors, whether by birth or by marriage, based on some corresponding timelines, logical assumptions and probable theories supported by other sources. I do not have the money and the luxury of time to travel to places and research the connections, so I just have to take the sources from the genealogical sites for granted, with some margin of errors I may have incur from my researches since.

I'll do my best to follow you up if you have any question or very helpful information, which I would be greatly appreciated, to share with me. I'm a member of the Underhill Society of America.