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My Name is Jenn. I first started doing genealogy as fun joke between fiancé and I because we found out that we both had Myers in ancestor line. We thought it would fun to see if our ancestor somehow related. Now I am very passionate about genealogy and love searching all my branches and limbs including my fiancés.

Some of the Surnames we are researching from Michigan/Canada Area are Plant, Cameron, Myers, Barrons and From the Pennsylvania/Canada Area are Myers, Wert, Orr, Shuey.

I found it sad how we have forgotten our ancestors but at the same time amazing just rediscover them all over again and the mysteries that surrounding them. One case in point. My fiancé grandfather died when he was young boy. His oldest bother did not even remember where their grandfather was buried. When we started doing our research we found that he was buried at local cemetery just up the road form where we live. What are the chance of that?! :)

My goal is to see one large united Family tree. This why I love I truly believe we are all one man under god. If I get time I like to go to the transcribe graves and take photos. If you have additional information on page please don't hesitate to share the info. If at all possible please also provide sources. I had bad experiences with advised or post info on find a grave and other site with incorrect info.

The Birth Year MAY give you a clue as to what Military conflict the fought in.

Birth Year: Military conflict: Conflict Time-frame:
1726 - 1767 Revolutionary War 1770 - 1783
1762 - 1779 War 1812 1812 - 1815
1796 - 1831 Mexican War 1846 - 1848
1811 - 1848 Civil War 1861 - 1865
1848 - 1881 Spanish - American War 1898
1849 - 1885 Philippine Insurrection 1899 - 1902
1872 - 1900 World War I 1917 -1918
1877 - 1925 World War II 1941 - 1945
1900 - 1936 Korean War 1950 - 1953
1914 - 1955 Vietnam War 1964 - 1972
Operation Desert Storm 1991
War in Afghanistan 2010 - Present