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My name is Michele Mason but my family has always called me Micki. My father was a 30-year veteran of the Marine Corp, so we moved around alot, but mostly I was raised in Southern California, the oldest of three children. I met my husband, Robert Hall, shortly after he returned from Vietnam (yes, he was a Marine too). I was always interested in history - it just seemed so fascinating! It was this love of history that got me interested in genealogy, which I started shortly after our marriage in 1971. Over 35 years later I am still "doing genealogy". We moved to Texas where Bob was born which made it so much easier to research his side of the family as they have all been in Texas for a very long time. My favorite vacation was going to different counties to comb courthouses and cemeteries. My kids hated to see those Cemetery road signs whenever we drove anywhere and did whatever they could to distract me. On our 25th anniversary, we combined a trip to New York City with a genealogy hunt in the Niagara area where one branch of my mother's family had lived. My children never were very interested in my genealogy collection, but now that there are grandchildren and great-nieces and nephews, they are a little bit more interested.

I love to hear from fellow genealogy buffs and believe in sharing all. I am a firm believer that if family history is not shared, it will be lost forever.