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Every family has their soldiers and heroes. Here are ancestors and relatives who protected their country and families. This list is complied from personal research and is intended to be as complete as possible. Additional details concerning each person can be found on their individual pages.

Soldiers & Veterans of the American Revolution (1775-1783)

Name Relationship Born Service Family Notes
Duncklee, Hezekiah 5G Grandfather Lexington, MA Schmidt Fought at the Battle of Bennington
Bancroft, Joseph 7G Uncle Reading, MA Sgt, 1775, Capt. Eaton's Co. (Col Green Reg); Lieut., 1776, Capt. Bancroft Co. (2nd Middlesex Reg.); Lieut., 1778, Capt. Wyman's Co. (Col. Gerrish Reg) Bartlett
Chamberlin, Joseph 5G Grandfather Pierson X
Chandler, Joseph 6G Uncle Pembroke, MA (not in service) Schmidt Killed at Battle of Bennington, while visiting his son's. He joined the battle and was struck by the ball fired by a Tory.
Chandler, Joseph Husband of 2nd cousin Salisbury, MA Capt. Small Killed at Mt. Independence.
Cheever, Daniel 5G Grandfather Rutland, MA Capt. Peter Woodbury Co. (Col. Gerrish Reg) Schmidt X
Colby, Enoch 2nd Cousin X X Bartlett later State Senator & Councilor
Colby, Jethro 2nd Cousin X X Bartlett X
Colby, John 2nd Cousin X X Bartlett Died at Valley Forge
Davis, Thomas 2nd Cousin Madbury, NH X Bartlett & Small Battle of Bunker Hill
Demeritt, John Husband of 2nd Cousin X X Bartlett Battle of Bunker Hill
Elliott, John Husband of 2nd Cousin X X Pierson Battle of Bunker Hill
Gage, Abner 1st & 2n Cousin X X Bartlett & Small Wounded at Bunker Hill.
Gilbert, Joseph 2nd Cousin X X Bartlett & Small Battle of Bunker Hill
Johnson, Thomas Husband of 5G Aunt Haverhill, MA X Bartlett Take prisoner by the British.
Joslin, Thomas 2nd Cousin X X Schmidt Battle of Bennington
Kellogg, Gad 1st Cousin X Capt. Park's Co. (Danielson Reg.) Schmidt X
Kimball, Caleb 2nd Cousin/husband of 1st cousin X Schmidt & Pierson & Bartlett X
Marshall, Isaac 1st Cousin Billerica, MA Capt. Moses Parker Co. & Capt. Z. Wright's Co. Bartlett responded to Lexington Alarm, Battle of White Plains.
Metcalf, Jabez husband of 1st cousin Wrentham, MA Capt. James Davis Co. Bartlett marched on Lexington Alarm.
Nash, Martin 1st Cousin Goshen, CT X Schmidt Taken prisoner at Long Island, and died in while a prisoner.
Pierce, Benjamin 2nd Cousin X X Bartlett & Schmidt enlisted 3 times
Richardson, Bradbury husband of 1st cousin Somersworth, NH Major Schmidt X
Richardson, John 1st Cousin Methuen, MA X Pierson Battle of Stillwater (NY)
Sawyer, Francis 1st Cousin North Reading, MA X Pierson Served at Saratoga, died 1777 in service
Stearns, Edward 2nd Cousin Billerica MA X Schmidt Battle of Lexington & Concord
Stiles, Joseph 2nd Cousin Middleton, MA X Bartlett served 7 years

Soldiers & Veterans of the Civil War

Name Relationship Residence Service Family Notes
McAllister, Leonard 1st Cousin Newbury, VT Co. H, 12th VT Pierson
Ordway, George 1st Cousin Henniker, NH Co. A, 18th NH Inf Bartlett Son of Joshua Ordway. Died 1871 of complications from disease contracted during the war.
Ordway, John 4G Uncle Henniker, NH Co. D, 11th NH Inf. Bartlett Brother to Joshua Ordway. died of disease at Camp Nelson (KY).
Ordway, Joshua 4G Uncle Henniker, NH Co. D, 11th NH Inf. Bartlett mortally wounded at Frederickburg and died 26 days later.
Peaslee, Aquila E 1st Cousin/Uncle by marriage Holderness, NH Co A, 6th NH Inf Small X
Peaslee, Thomas C 1st Cousin/married widow of Aquila Small Ashland, NH Co. A 6th NH Inf Small X
Renfrew, George 1st Cousin Newbury, VT Co. D, 8th VT Pierson killed at Port Hudson, VA.
Sargent, Kendall 4G Uncle Peabody, MA 1st Mass Heavy Art. Bartlett X
Sleeper, Lewis Gideon 2nd Cousin Amite, MS 44th MS Inf Bartlett the Only Confederate soldier found to be related (2nd cousins or closer).
Small, Aquila E 2G Uncle Holderness, NH Co B, 1st NH Cavalry Small
Small, Hiram 2G Uncle Holderness, NH Co A, 6th NH, Co C, 1st NH Cavalry Small Died of Disease while in service.
Small, James Riley 2G Grandfather Holderness, NH Co A, 6th NH, Co._ 11th NH Small Discharged due to disability by disease.
Symmes, Jesse Uncle by marriage Tewksbury, MA Co. D, 30th Mass Small Died of disease in New Orleans, LA, after Vicksburg campaign
Waldron, Benjamin 3G Grandfather Newbury, VT Sgt, Co. C, 8th VT Pierson Taken prisoner at Cedar Creek at held at Libby Prison, until he was paroled and died of disease at Annapolis MD. (Father of John M Waldron)
Waldron, John Mervin 2G Uncle Newbury, VT Co. C, 8th VT Pierson Wounded at Cedar Creek (Son of Benjamin Waldron)
Swinington, Amos 3G Uncle Lyndeborough, NH Lafayette Artillery (NH Militia) Bartlett