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Remember, to use the template, insert the {{Subst:}} command!

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How to redirect a page: #redirect, followed by a link to the page to which you are redirecting.

Example: #redirectPlace:The name of the Place Page

References (How To) Genealogy Citation Guide for online citations

1.3.8 How Do I create References and Footnotes? Method 1. Refer directly to Source Citations that you have already entered by using Template:Cite.

Refer to the edit page for Person:Julia Ann Stuck (1). After text you wish to source, type: S1

Method 2. Create a separate set of footnotes within note text by using [1] SomeMoreText[2] DifferentText[3]

  1. and <references> tags. Take a look at Person:Ella_Grey_(1) for an example.

    You Type: SomeText<ref name="headstones">According to headstones in Balou Cemetery</li> <li id="headstones">[[#_ref-headstones_0|↑]] </li>

    <li id="obit">[[#_ref-obit_0|↑]] Obituary in Colorado City newspaper</li></ol></references>

The Results: SomeText[1] SomeMoreText[1] DifferentText[2]

Footnotes ↑ 1.0 1.1 According to headstones in Balou Cemetery ↑ Obituary in Colorado City newspaper These footnotes can refer to numbered sources within the text by using the format name of source where n is the number of the source you wish to refer to.


Sure, but here's a better solution [1] See Below for expression of footnote. the coding is, I think, a little odd. The terminal slash on "references" seems out of place to me, but that's the way it needs to be to work.

I see what I was doing wrong. I tried it on Person:Jeremiah Crabtree (1), but I don't think it's intuitive how the reference fits. What do you think about how I formatted Person:Francis Crawford (6)? It doesn't use the footnote, but I think it is more clear what the source of the military service info is. --Ajcrow 10:13, 5 July 2009 (EDT)


  1. This is an example of the use of a reference/footnote