You can now embed a GoogleMap directly onto a WeRelate page. Please see the instructions for that here.

As an alternative to this page you can also link to an OpenStreetMap map using the {{OpenStreetMapmap}} template.

To add a link to a Google Map to a page, use the following code:

{{googlemap|latitude|longitude|link text|label+with+plus+signs+for+spaces|zoom level|map type}}

Coordinates can be entered either as decimal-degrees or degrees-minutes-seconds. To enter cordinates in decimal-degrees, just enter decimal numbers; e.g., {{googlemap|37.123|-74.567|...}}. To enter coordinates in degrees-minutes-seconds, separate the pieces by plus signs. For example, to enter 37 degrees 18 minutes 45 seconds North, 74 degrees 30 minutes 10 seconds West you would enter {{googlemap|37+18+45|-74+30+10|...}}.

The link text, label, zoom level, and map type are optional parameters.

Map type is m for normal map, k for satellite, h for hybrid, or p for terrain.