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About me and the names researched

My name is Annemarie Kalishoek born in Rotterdam, Zuid Holland the Netherlands where most generations of the Kalishoek family were born. The first traceable Kalishoek family were found in 1630 Vlaardingen, Zuid Holland, The Netherlands, just a stone trow away from Rotterdam.

I married my lovely Irish husband and became also interested in Irish genealogy, a bit more complicated then the Dutch research. Mass exodus from Ireland during the great Irish famine made most of the Irish leave their country to settle else where in the world, therefore there is a lot of research to be done.

Researched names and names placed on this site

Kalishoek Luca Healy

Work in progress: De Koning Spoeltman Van der Vos

Some other related names : Breen - Dublin, Dublin, Republic of Ireland Dingley - Dublin,Dublin,Republic of Ireland O'Connell - Mallow, Cork, Republic of Ireland Van Der Vos - IJsselmonde, Zuid Holland, The Netherlands Spoeltman - Hatert, Gelderland, The Netherlands De Koning - Middelburg, Zeeland, The Netherlands

Special interest : Dutch East India Company ( VOC) [1]

External links:

Genealogyonline [2]


Please do not hesitate to contact me when you have a suggestion or question or complaints and of course if you have additional information.

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