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my great-grandmother Leontine was born in 1866 in Tallinn. She followed her husband to Narva where he worked as Kreenholmi´s doc (+ 1916)

and after spending some years at Kuressaare & Tallinn she had to leave Estonia in 1939 and died in 1944 at today´s Swiecie...

I´m trying to locate Penelope Daintry who posted this nessage on 18.09.2012:

Peny writes

My Great-Grandfather (George Cottam), worked at the Kreenholm Mill from the 19th Century, and was then the Manager for many years leading up to the Revolution in Russia. The story passed down through the family is that my Grandfather and Great-Grandfather were eventually smuggled out of Russia by their serfs who hid them in sacks, in 1917. Meanwhile my Grandmother and Great-Grandmother left on a ship that returned to England via Finland - carrying what silver they could inside their garments.

any info is more than welcome

Regards Jurgen

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The Hoffmann´graves at Klein St Marien /Vaike Maarja

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