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The pedigree chart below shows from my brothers and myself through to children of the couples who are my Great, Great, Great Grandparents and are the base families of my family booklets.


Adding Information

Descendants of my grandparents or great grandparents who want to add information can do so in a number of ways.

Contact me and I will add things for you.

For deceased people in other branches which I have not added to WeRelate, I do not know about them. If you need assistance I will help you add them to WeRelate.

For the living, there is a good chance that they are already recorded but not on WeRelate because they are alive. In the sections below there are 2 links for my grandparents and great grandparents, one is to their WeRelate page and the other is to their page on Wikitree which allows living people but I have made them all private and you will have to contact me via that site to get access to the relevant profiles.

Great Great Great Grandparents

Sixth generation Ancestors

These are the families which are the focus for my sixth generation booklets which can be seen on the Articles and Booklets page. While I know the names and some details for the people at my sixth generation ancestors. The following names are the people at this generation which are in my wishlist for source documents that I would like to access or obtain copies of in the hope that they may provide at least one further piece of information in relation to either their lives or information on their parents. All of the names of my great, great, great grandparents can be seen below in the seventh generation pedigree chart.

The Seventh Generation

Wondering about family history and gathering information since the late 1980's, I have found each little bit of new information is exciting as it helps build a stronger picture of the people and their families. The piece of information that provided me with a lot of incentive to find out more was a copy of an O'Sullivan descendant list compiled by Peter Crawford, which included Patrick O'Sullivan and John Connell.

For myself at this time, they were the only two known ancestors of a potential 64 Great, great, great, great grandparents. I still do not the names of all the seventh generation in my pedigree chart and for many all I do know is their name, however I now know of 52 from the potential 64.

As new family history searches made new contacts with extended family members and exposed more information I started to find out a lot about our ancestors, including some as far back as 15 generations. While compiling information and thinking about putting it all into a book format I had to decide where to limit the focus of my research. The seventh generation became an obvious choice because;

  • I like the seventh generation principle.
  • Most of the historical records that make family history research easier were implemented throughout the UK, parts of Europe and elsewhere during the early 1800's. (About the time of my sixth and seventh generation).
  • When looking at a pedigree chart and the associated families this is where the gaps in my research are considerable.
  • This appears to be the furthest generation back in my family that arrived in Australia with Joseph Collins and Margaret Nevin.
Pedigree of the Lehrer O'Sulivan family
Marcel Lehrer Florent Lehrer Leon Lehrer Joseph Lehrer Nicholas Lehrer
Therese Spengler
Catherina Freyermuth Theodore Freyermuth
Therese Dreyer
Rosine Schirra Charles Schirra Antoine Schirra
Ann Marie Grass
Odile Anstett Michel Anstett
Catherine Kurtz
Marie Scherno Edouard Scherno Antoine Scherno Unknown
Madeleine Carabin Florent Carabin
Marie Schreiber
Francoise Blaise Louis Blaise Erhard Blaise
Marie Anne Schreiber
Francoise Unternehr Joseph Unternehr
Catherine Hornsperger
Gwen Borrill Alfred Borrill William Borrill Henry Borrill James Borrill
Martha Hobson
Anna Sherwood William Sherwood
Elizabeth Brewson
Agnes Simpson Francis Simpson John Simpson
Mary Midlin
Agnes Hubach Henry Hubach
Maria Rugg
Elsie Henderson Erasmus Henderson John Henderson Unknown
Isabella Campbell John Campbell
Ann Thomson
Agnes Williams John Williams Thomas Williams
Margaret Morgan
Eliza Harries John Follant
Mary Harries
Frank O'Sullivan Mick O'Sullivan Jim O'Sullivan Patrick O'Sullivan Patrick O'Sullivan
Ann O'Connell John Connell
Ellen Roney Peter Roney Peter Roney
Alice Cromby
Sarah Brookman James Brookman
Ann Caley
Ruby Bentley William Bentley William Bentley Robert Bentley
Anne Jackson
Mary Collins Joseph Collins
Margaret Nevin
Ellen Malone Philip Malone Cornelius Malone
Margaret Gorneen
Mary Ann McCarty Daniel McCarthy
Margaret Ryan
Toby Johnson Henry Johnson Andrew Johnson Johan Johansen Johan
Berith Andersdr Anders
Kate Price Henry Price Henry Price
Catherine Smith
Catherine Byrne Unknown
Elsie Crockett Richard Crockett Thomas Crockett Richard Crockett
Mary Fletcher
Jane Diplock John Diplock
Jane McDougall Alex McDougall Robert McDougall
Jean Wordie
Christina Couper David Couper

The Fourteenth Generation

Almost every branch of the Lehrer line goes back beyond the seventh generation with quite a lot going to the twelfth and some to the thirteenth generation, but by the time of the fourteenth generation there are only four known families, two of which appear multiple times.