User:Janiejac/ToDo List

  1. I am aware that I've created person and family pages for Family:David Jackson and Mary Morrison (1) without sources. I need to get my source (Leonardo Andrea's research) transcription posted somewhere so I can link to it. I tried to enter a source page but cannot find it again. Will need to go source these folks after transcription is online. Got the cart before the horse here.--Janiejac 16:14, 26 October 2008 (EDT)
Still not done. Need to get copyright permission to post the Andrea info.
  1. Since I added history & early settlers to Wantagh page, I should add links to those early settlers and maybe post pictures of Robert's house 6/14/10
  2. Make Samuel a link on the Jackson in PWC page. Also Farrow etc. 6/10/10
  3. Accumulating a lot of history info in Counties/NY/Queens & Nassau to post.
  4. Upload Solomon Jackson and Elizabeth filed counties/NC
  5. Upload Lamson file - DONE but may want to redo to include later persons
  6. Print main data base PAF descendancy chart ( 3 gens at a time)so I can determine how to break up the data base for uploading
  7. Finish posting Andrea file for SC Jacksons
  1. Found good info on a Robert H. Jackson, Supreme Court Justice, b PA that is not on rootsweb charts at all as of July 2010, but there is a good bio site here: As a fun project may want to research more of his background to see what branch he might belong to.