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I find the whole concept of to be absolutely fascinating. I have been doing genealogy research for several years and have a family site. I'm also a member of Ancestry.Com but am not fond of their new 'hidden' public trees. Genealogy is all about collaboration. I see this site as a wonderful opportunity for all of us into genealogy.

My family lines are COFFMAN, TRIPLETT, and PEARMAN and as anyone into genealogy for long, I have my brickwalls. The Coffmans came to Grundy County, Missouri between 1850 and 1860. But the brickwall -- Abraham COFFMAN, who migrated from Virginia to Hardin County, KY and was married to Margaret TRIPLETT. Abraham died there on 9-Sep-1849. On the PEARMAN side, I'm back to William Jr but am weak on the documentation. I have no idea who Margaret's parents were and have even thought maybe that was her prior married name.

On the maternal side are LIVINGSTON, SINCLAIR, SMITH, and SEVIER surnames. The LIVINGSTON brick wall is Reuben LIVINGSTON who was born about 1812 in KY and migrated to north Missouri and Sullivan county before 1850. For SINCLAIR, I'm stuck with John Blaine SINCLAIR and his possible father James SINCLAIR. Born in PA and migrated to Monroe County, Ohio. Then John Blaine came to Sullivan County north Missouri between 1850 and 1860. My SMITH connection is Jeremiah Gore SMITH and it looks like he is a "junior". The SEVIER line is fascinating -- it comes from Wiliam W SEVIER who was one of the very first pioneers in Sullivan County. Who was his father? It's not Brig Gen John SEVIER but I believe he may be the son of John SEVIER's brother, William.

I'll be posting info and hopefully will contribute as well to other areas of I think we have a winner here!

Oh -- one important item. I never ever ever ever include information about living people. At the most I would include LIVING FEMALE. I also will not post data about living people -- not even birth information.