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Hello, My name is Harriet Martin and I am new to "WeRelate" and just getting started. In browsing the sight I have run across some information I believe to be part of my family tree. In getting started,I have listed are just a few surnames from my dad's side of the family. As I learn more about "WeRelate" and how to use it I will start adding much more.

My mother and I started this research many years ago and I do have a lot of information on both my father's and mother's sides of the family I would be so happy to share. Most of the information I have on my father's side came form older family members and not all has been verified. I would gladly accept any help in verification, additions or corrections.

My Parents were: Father: Harry Livingston MARTIN Jr., born 12/8-9/1924 in Cumberland, Harlan Co., KY. Died 12/29/1991 Allan Co., KY, Buried Bethany Cemetery, Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY Mother: Mildred Alene HYDE, born 2/2/1924, Robertson Co., TN. Died 8/3/1997 Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY, Buried Bethany Cemetery, Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY

I am excited about where this will lead me to find out so much more about my family history.

Thank you Harriet Hyde Martin