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In the beginning.....

My direct line is from James Jaynes. Many of the Janes/Jaynes continued to move north in Indiana, where they still reside. Jim's uncles went north in the beginning. Several returned to the southern part of Indiana late in life. As far as I know, the Indiana Janes/Jaynes completely lost contact with the Kentucky Janes/Jaynes.


I am looking for proof of David Janes' [born 1811 in the Adair/Metcalf County area of Kentucky] father. It is my greatest belief that it is David and Rebecca Janes, in Adair County, Kentucky. This is the family from the book, by Dr. Reba Collins on the Janes/Peek family. She knew there were more sons, but was unable to find them all. I have not been able to prove it and no one has been able to disprove it. I would like to solve this one.

I have received help on the Janes/Jaynes family research from Mary L. Hazelrigg, Barbara Tungate, Sandy and Pam Jaynes and Tina Brock Smith.