I have been researching these people off and on for 30 years, and have reached brick walls on most of them. My plan now is to document what I have in some way that will make sense to anyone in the future who might be interested. I hope to be able to write something about them that is more than dates and places. So, good luck to me!

Rowan, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Illinois

Latta Pennsylvania

Noble Massachusetts, North Carolina, Ohio

Ayers, New Jersey, Ohio, Illinois

Williams New Jersey, Ohio

Hatfield New Jersey

Tanner Virginia, Ohio

House Virginia, Ohio

Colburn New Hampshire, Illinois, Kansas

Robinson Ireland,[ Pennsylvania, Ohio, Illinois[[

Phelps New Hampshire

Whitney New Hampshire

Bearden South Carolina, Kentucky, Illinois

Hardwick Virginia, Kentucky

Goodheart Scotland, Holland, Ohio, Illinois

Shober Germany, Maryland, Virginia, Ohio, Illinois

Roach Virginia

Woost Germany, Illinois

Koch Germany, Illinois

Schoenfeld Germany, Illinois

Robb Pennsylvania, Ohio

Patterson, Pennsylvania, Ohio

Boyd Maryland, Pennsylvania, Ohio