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I have thought for awhile now, wouldn't it be great if there was something like Wikipedia for genealogy, then I found We Relate - Lovin' It!!

I hope my family, both close and extended, enjoy this website. It is a great place to share.

Also take time to checkout eeVas Family Timeline. I am just starting to work on this feature, but will let everyone know when it is more complete.

One of the features I really like about the site is that it allows the addition of people not in ones direct tree. I know on numerous occasions I have run across interesting information while researching my family and wanted a place to share, this website allows that. I simply input the person I find, but I code him where he is not in my main tree.

Any questions, just ask.

Elizabeth --EeVas 16:02, 4 July 2011 (EDT)

Favorite Websites

  • The public entry website for You can create and share a family tree for free. To access the records you must pay -- but don't forget you can often access those records for free through library website portals to
  • FamilySearch What a treasure trove, especially of Texas records
  • Love, I have found so much helpful information here. This link is to my contributor page. Please visit, I have many many entries of family members and also 'pay it forward' memorials for other people.