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Andreas/Andrew Ablin Abel Aubel Able Ably Ebly Koplin (A written like a K in German script) Oble Oval, born 1695 or earlier maybe (by births of children)born in GERMANY; died 09 April 1751 in Roxbury, Morris, NJ. He married Maria.

     Maria,  born about 1695 to have these children

b. abt 1673* died 1771 age 98 *in Roxbury, Morris, NJ. she married (2) after 1751 (Andreas' death) ? DIEDERICH, TIEDRICH, TEDRICK, or TIDRICK

  • assuming this is her: Zion Lutheran Church <New Jersey> Records 1771-1801

Abel, Widow 12 Mar 1771 Zion's Churchyard Funeral text Ecclesiasties XII verse 7. Her age was 98 years and some monthsno this is wrong that would make her too old to have these children

ANDREAS Able bot. of Joseph Reckless, of Burlington Co. 1748,Feb 7, 304 acres or one-half of the Davenport tract,near Fox Hill,the other half of which was sold on the same day to Morris Creature (Crater):the price was 103 and the said Able was in actual possession.

1. Matthias Auble b. abt 1715 germany d. 1783 Abt Roxbury Twp, Morris, Nj (chastised a slave to death) said to be oldest son in andreas' will also look for Matthaeus (Theiss) possible spelling "For the first part I give my eldest son, Matthias, one great pewter platter and two plates and forty pounds light money. One year after my decease, a Sermon Book." Little is known about Matthias except he is mentioned as the oldest in his father's will in 1751 and in the will of Mary TEDRICK, who is believed to be his mother. Matthias Auble trial 1755


m. margaret abt 1750

?. Andreas Aubel b. abt 1717 germany died 16 July 1782 in Fox Hill, Morris, NJ; left a will in 1782 at Fox Hill New Jersey Husband of Hannah _____? Buried Fox Hill, Tewksbury Township, Hunterdon County, New Jersey. Parents of Elizabeth Aubel

  • Andrew Aubel New Jersey

 m Hannah

In June of 1776, Andrew Auble of Roxbury Tp. voted in the Morris Co. election for delegates to the New Jersey Constitutional Convention. Following is a part of the will of Andrew Able, yeoman, at Fox Hill, Morris Co., dated 16 Jul 1782 and proved 6 May 1783: "To wife, Hannah, the place where I live and at her death to our children. To daughter, Saloney Richards, the house where she lives, and at her death to her son, Andrew. To daughters, Catharine and Christian, a bed and a cow and to Hanna a bed and a loom. To Aaron Sutton, sone of my daughter, Elizabeth, five pounds." -Source: The Able/Aubles by Juanita Hayter Crampton

             Children of Andreas and Hannah are:
                           i. Elizabeth Aubel Sutton b. 1743 d. Nov 15 1825 New Jersey

?. Michael Michel Mical Able Abel Auble, born About 1719 in GERMANY; died 26 February 1791 in Roxbury, Morris, NJ. He was the son of Andreas Able and Maria. He married Christina Bef. 1757 in NJ. According to Hunterdon County Gravestones, Zion Lutheran Churchyard, Oldwick, it states: Aubel, Michel d. Feb. 3, 1791 in 72nd year: (wife) C----- stone broken off and missing. Footstone C.A. 1804. Also in the Death Records of the same church it states: Febr: 26th (1791) her father MICHEL ABEL, I was unable to be present at his burial because it pleased the Lord on the same day to take from me in death my second help-mate.

  • Michel Abel New Jersey
  Christina, died 1804 in prob. Roxbury, Morris, NJ.
                           i.    Andreas Able, born 13 August 1757 in Morris County, NJ; died 09 August 1830 in Glen, Montgomery, NY; married (1) Mary Christina Schuyler 26 January 1779 in Morris, NJ; born About 1757 in NJ; died 05 September 1819 in Glen, Montgomery, NY; married (2) Catherine Winne Aft. 1819 in Montgomery County, NY; born 12 April 1772 in Glen, Montgomery, NY.
       16              ii.    Johannes Able, born About 1758 in Morris County, NJ; died About 1818 in Sussex County, NJ; married (1) Sophia Trimmer 30 January 1777 in Oldwick, Hunterdon County, NJ (CR); married (2) Mary Cripps 17 April 1811 in New Germantown, Hunterdon, NJ.
                         iii.    Matthias Able, born 28 February 1759 in Fox Hills, Morris, NJ; died 08 March 1826 in Seneca, NY; married Catharina Fritts 10 April 1781 in Oldwick, Hunterdon County, NJ (CR); born 23 October 1762 in Hunterdon, NJ; died 18 December 1842 in Seneca, NY.

                          iv.    Mary Able, born 1760 in Morris County, NJ; died 10 April 1829 in NJ; married William Fritts 28 July 1782 in Oldwixk, Hunterdon County, NJ (CR); born About 1759 in NJ.
                           v.    Jacob Able, born About 1763 in prob. Burlington, Hunterdon, NJ; died 1816 in Tewksbury, Hunterdon, NJ, (gs); married Anna Gertrude/Charity Pickle 18 January 1794 in Oldwick, Hunterdon County, NJ (CR); born About 1774 in NJ; died 13 August 1862 in Tewksbury, Hunterdon, NJ, (gs).
                          vi.    Catharine Able, born About 1767 in prob. Burlington, Hunterdon, NJ.
                        vii.    Anna Elisabeth Able, born 1765 in Morri Countys, NJ; died 18 November 1815 in NJ; married George Fritts 17 January 1786 in Oldwick, Hunterdon County, NJ (CR).
                       viii.    Eva Able, born About 1769 in prob. Burlington, Hunterdon, NJ.
                         ix.    Christina Able, born 17 May 1771 in New Germantown, Hunterdon, NJ; married Johannes Reinhardt 19 August 1792 in Oldwick, Hunterdon County, NJ (CR).

?. Paul Abel b Jan 25 1731 in Anwell, New Jersey d Sept 25 1773

  • Paul Abel Frederick, Maryland God's Acre Maria Magdalena Leany Abelin b@1731 d. @?

m. Paul Abel (1731 - 1773) married 1753 (death notice) 22 when married 42 when he died m (2). Jacob Koller/Kullers (1725 - 1805) married 19 Aug 1775 50 when he married 80 when he died in Virginia

In 1759 Paul Able and wife, Leany Able visited Rev. Muhlenburg at German Valley (Muhl. Journal 1: 420). In June 1762 Paul Able and wife, Leany sold their share of 126 acres to his brother, Michael for 304 pounds sterling. -Source: The Able/Aubles by Juanita Hayter Crampton

1. Maria Elizabeth Abelin babt 1754 Married Gottfried Haller Dec 28, 1777, Evangelical Lutheran Church,Fredrick, Co, Md. Her age 19 confirmation on April 9, 1773 Reform Church records. Elisabeth Abelin marries Gottfried Haller 28 Dec 1777 Witnesses; Christoph and Catharina Haller, Henrich Gross, Matthis Buki, Margreth Hauin, Maria Guldin, Magdalena Guldin, Eva Margreth Hildebrandin. Frederick, Maryland Batch number: M507701 and M504181

They had a son named George Michael Haller who married Catherine Rayborn August 26,

2. Johannes Abel b. abt 1756 d d. 1787 (hanged) Magdalena Ditlo b: 23 Oct 1760 src:1 m: 6 June 1780 d: 3 Apr 1787 src:1 daughter of Daniel Ditlo/Titlo and Margareth Kaufmann

                 2 Johannes Abel b: 2 Jan 1783 Frederick, Frederick Co., MD src:4
                 2 Elizabeth Abel b: 3 Apr 1786 Frederick, Frederick Co., MD src: 4 d: 19 May 1790 Frederick, Frederick Co., MD src:1
                 2 Daniel Abel/Auville b: 21 Feb 1781 Frederick, Frederick Co., MD  christened: 11 Mar 1781 d: bef 1838 WV (his will)

3. Christina Barbara b abt 1756 Age 17 when confirmed April 9, 1773 <Barbara Abelin marries Henry Spalding 10 Sep 1797 -- is this our barbara? no wrong parents lds>

4. Regina Dorothea, Birth given as Feb 4, 1765,when confirmed March 29, 1782

5. daughter