Hochwaerter/ Hovatter


  • Tape 1550130 - Christopher Hovatter Family by Howard Grant
  • From the book, "Frederick, Maryland - Lutheran Marriages and Burials"

Records of Marriages and Burials in the Monococacy Church in Frederick County and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Frederick City - 1743-1811 - translated and edited by Frederick Sheely Weiser.


1789 - Apr 21 - Thomas WILSON and Anna HOCHWAERTER by license witnesses: Jacob HALLER and Daniel LAMPRECHT

1789 - Dec 20 - Georg KAUFMANN and Magdalena HOCHWAERTER proclaimed witnesses: Jacob VOELCKER, Jacob HALLER

1790 - May 9 - Jacob HALLER and Anna Maria HOCHWAERTER proclaimed witnesses: Michael HALLER, Maria HOCHWAERTER, Johannes Theodor PETER, Georg KAUFMANN

1792 - Aug 12 - Heinrich COX and Margareth HOCHWAERTER proclaimed


1787 - Jul 12 - Michael HOHWAERTER born in Zweybrucken principality, married July 2, 1764, the surviving widow with whom he had 5 sons and 6 daughters, of whom 1 daughter and 2 sons died. Died of high fever the 11th, at night at 12; aged 49 years.

1793 - Apr 12, Friday - s/o Michael HOCHWAERTER and his wife Catharina, born Dec 1, 1775. For 4 1/2 years he was an apprentice with Mr. Thomas HICKSON in order to learn shoemaker's handwork. Died of an infection April 11 at 1:30 pm, aged 17y.4m.10d

1798 - May 12 buried Heinrich COX, a carpenter, lived in matrimony since Aug 12, 1792 with Margaretha HOCHWARDERin; had 3 children of whom the youngest followed soon after his father. Died of a fever and a broken blood vessel; aged 32 years.

1798 - Jun 27 buried Christoph HOCHWARDTER's little son Jacob, died of dysentery; sick eleven days; ages 1y.8m.5d

1801 - Sep 30 buried a child named Heinriette, d/o the late Heinrich COX and his surviving widow Margaretha, nee HOCHWARTER. The child was born Oct 18, 1798, and suffered before her death with whooping cough to which was added a ghigh fever, from which disease she died yesterday at 5 pm, having reached the age of 2y.11m.11d.

[Maryland German Church Records - Vol 3, Monocacy Lutheran 1742-1779]

Michael and Catharina HOCHWAERTER d/ Anna Margreth b/ 13 May 1774; bpt/ 1 Jan 1775; sp/ Heinrich and Margreth MADERT s/ Michael b/ 1 Dec 1775; bpt/ 8 Apr 1776; sp/ Georg Michael and Maria Margreth HALLER s/ Jacob b/ 17 Sep 1777; bpt/ 30 Nov 1777; sp/ Jacob and Margreth HAUSER

[Maryland German Church Records - Vol 4, Evangelical Lutheran 1780-1811]

Michael and Maria Catharina HOCHWAERTER d/ Anna Catharina b/ 29 Dec 1782; bpt/ 19 Oct 1783; sp/ Anna Catharina ILGNERin

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1. Maria Elizabeth Abelin babt 1754 Married Gottfried Haller Dec 28, 1777, Evangelical Lutheran Church,Fredrick, Co, Md. Her age 19 confirmation on April 9, 1773 Reform Church records. Elisabeth Abelin marries Gottfried Haller 28 Dec 1777 Witnesses; Christoph and Catharina Haller, Henrich Gross, Matthis Buki, Margreth Hauin, Maria Guldin, Magdalena Guldin, Eva Margreth Hildebrandin. Frederick, Maryland Batch number: M507701 and M504181

They had a son named George Michael Haller who married Catherine Rayborn August 26,

1790 - May 9 - Jacob HALLER and Anna Maria HOCHWAERTER proclaimed witnesses: Michael HALLER, Maria HOCHWAERTER, Johannes Theodor PETER, Georg KAUFMANN

m. 1790 jacob haller(1767 - 1807) son of michael and dorthea m. anna maria hochwaerter

Jacob Haller b 30 dec 1782 d 28 jan 1784 s/o gottfried and elisabeth haller findagrave?

Note: 1850 barbour county census Godfrey haller(1804 maryland w catharine(1801 virginia elizabeth poling(1842 virginia living next door to Lewis auvil (1803


Jacob Kullers (1725 1805) m. 19 aug 1775 at findagrave married paul's mother?