I realized with the passing of my oldest brother how much I did not know my family - who they are, what character traits, what hopes - and how much I want to get to know how I relate to them in blood and character. This genealogy project of mine is going to stretch to the far reaches of Ireland, Italy, Germany, and possibly a few other unknowns yet to be discovered.


Families to be Found

I am researching both my paternal and maternal family lines:

  • Antinori, migrated to New York in 19??
  • Curry, migrated to Illinois abt 1845
  • Quinn, migrated to New York abt 183?
  • Reichmann, migrated to Illinois in 18??
  • Tamburini, migrated to New York in 1921

My User Pages

Why Wiki for Genealogy?

The wiki environment provides a very flexible platform to tie together information, media, and users through its openness and ease of use. Some would argue that using wiki code is NOT easy but I would argue that waiting for the next version of an expensive software program to hopefully have the features you want is even more painful. I am hoping to make contributions to various research guides as I uncover information, create some easy code examples users can liberally steal apply to their own subpages, and bring my found family members into this wikisphere of family history.

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