User:Andrew Lancaster

As a genealogist and Wikipedian I do believe there will one day be a Wiki which works well for genealogy and I hope I'll be part of it. I am therefore trying out Wikitree and WeRelate. My Wikitree account is Lancaster-1279.

I am a long term and very experienced Wikipedian and have my own genealogy website at

I have experience in both genetic genealogy (mainly in Y DNA and surname studies, admin of several projects) and medieval genealogy, with articles published in both areas.

  • Lancaster, Andrew (2007), "The de Lancasters of Westmorland: Lesser-Known Branches, and the Origin of the de Lancasters of Howgill", Foundations: Journal of the Foundation of Medieval Genealogy 2 (4)
  • Lancaster, Andrew (2009), "Y Haplogroups, Archaeological Cultures and Language Families: a Review of the Multidisciplinary Comparisons using the case of E-M35", Journal of Genetic Genealogy 5 (1)
  • Lancaster, Andrew (2010), "Chadic languages and Y haplogroups", European Journal of Human Genetics 18, 1185; doi:10.1038/ejhg.2010.88

My Hastings webpages on the above mentioned website were part of a project that also led to the Domesday Corrections pages of the Foundation of Medieval Genealogy: