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I've divided my ancestry into five main branches:

  • The family of Alvin Hitzeman (1894-1971), who came from Lake County, Indiana, and whose ancestors came from the area west of Hannover, Germany.
  • The family of Minnie Thiemann (1900-1977), who came from Thayer County, Nebraska, and earlier from New Melle, St. Charles County, Missouri.
  • The family of Mary Hennig (1900-1990), who came from Alberta, Canada, and whose ancestors came from the region near the town of Brigidau in Austria-Hungary. (This data has not yet been uploaded, but will appear eventually.)
  • Descendents of Hans Grawert (born circa 1470). This is an ancient ancestor of Alvin Hitzeman who has a well-documented list of descendents in the region near Hannover, Germany.