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Volume 4, Page 663

Nathaniel, 21 June 1668; Ruhamah, 25 Dec. 1670; Eleazer, 15 Dec.
1672; Zechariah, 26 Mar. 1676; Sarah, 4 July 1680; and William, 3
Oct. foll.; yet as we find neither f. nor mo. of these inf. to be adm. of
Charlestown ch. in Buddington's list, we must choose to consider that
good Mr. Symmes had poor rec. or ano. ch. must be presum. to wh. one
or the other of the parents belong. He d. 3 May 1693, aged 71, says gr.-st.
NATHANIEL, Newbury 1637, rem. aft. not a few yrs. prob. to Nantucket,
had w. Sarah, and d. Mary, wh. m. it is said, John Swain; and he d. 1 Mar.
1681. PETER, York 1640 or earlier, adm. freem. of Mass. 1652, made Clk.
of the writs. 1665, and reorder of the Province, by the commiss. of our Gen.
Ct. 1668; and he must be the same as Weare. ROBERT, Boston, by w. Mary
had John, b. 1 Nov. 1646. ROBERT, Charlestown, sec. s. of Edward, had,
by w. Ruth, Robert and Timothy, and d. 14 Nov. 1709. His wid. d. 26 Dec.
1742, aged 73. WILLIAM, Charlestown, youngest br. of the preced. m. 26
Oct. 1701, Eleanor, d. of Thomas Jenner of the same, had Thomas, b. 14
Oct. 1704; Edward, 8 July 1706; William, 11 July 1710; David, 24 Feb. 1712;
and Eleanor, 14 July 1714; and he d. Feb. 1749.

    WYETH, WITHE, WYTH or WIETH, BENJAMIN, Hampton 1644, says
Farmer, MS. HUMPHREY, Ipswich 1638. JOHN, Cambridge, s. of
Nicholas of the same, m. 2 Feb. 1682, Deborah, d. of John Ward of
, had Elizabeth b. 6 Nov. 1684; Deborah, 20 Nov. 1686; John, 21
Dec. 1688; Jonathan, 3 Mar. 1690; and perhaps others; was freem.
1690. NICHOLAS, Cambridge 1647, brot. from Eng. d. Sarah, wh. m.
11 Dec. 1651, John Fiske of Watertown. Whether he brot. w. is
uncert. but if he did, she d. early, and he m. a. 1648, Rebecca, wid. of
Thomas Andrews of C. had Mary, b. 18 Jan. 1649; Nicholas, 10 Aug.
1651; Martha, 11 Jan. 1653[1]; John, 15 July 1655; and William, 11
Jan. 1658; all bapt. at C. and d. 19 July 1680, aged 85. Martha, m. 1
Apr. 1672, Thomas Ives. NICHOLAS, Cambridge, s. of the preced. m.
Lydia, d. of the sec. David Fiske, wh. d. 10 Mar. 1698, aft. he had
rem. to Watertown, and he m. 30 June foll. Deborah Parker, had only
ch. Mary, b. 5 July 1699, d. in few days. He and his w. wh. long surv.
him, were paupers many yrs. WILLIAM, Cambridge, s. of the first
, freem. 1690.

be the passeng. in the Elizabeth and Ann, aged 25, from London, in
May 1635, of wh. I would gladly tell more than is seen in the rec. that
he had Susanna, b. 16 July 1655; and Sarah, 4 May 1658. TIMOTHY,
Reading, perhaps s. of the preced. was freem. 1691. THOMAS, Dover

    WYLLIS. See Willis.

    WYMAN or WEYMAN, BENJAMIN, Woburn, s. of Francis of the same,
m. 20 Jan. 1703, Elizabeth d. of Nathaniel Hancock the sec. of Cambridge,
had Elizabeth b. 1 May 1705; Benjamin, 17 Dec. 1706, or a few wks.
earlier; Lucy, 17 Apr. 1708; Zebediah, June 1709; Eunice, 16 Nov.
1710; Jerusha, 23 July 1712; Tabitha, 7 Apr. 1714; Abijah, 20 Sept.
1715; Catharine, 6 May 1717; Nathaniel, 26 Jan. 1719; Abigail, 26