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Volume 4, Page 441

reason to believe any of my own childr. are surv." This latter w. was
of Thomas Hull, d. of William Townsend. He was a cooper, a
man of substance, of ar. co. 1671, was lieut. and serv. at castle island
under Roger Clap, was farmer gener. of the impost. in 1674, and lost
money by his speculat. and some persons wished him to be made postmaster,
in place of John Hayward the notary, perhaps our of compassion
for that ill success. RICHARD, "was of Scituate in 1651," says Farmer,
but no evid. is kn. to me. ROBERT, an apprent. in 1634, with Dept.Gov.
Ludlow, yet in few wks. was under ens. Jennison, wh. soon lawfully
assign. him to Edward Burton, and not long aft. was with Samuel
Hosier, wh. early in 1636 got rid of him to William Almy to take him
form Israel Stoughton, Jennison, Burton, and Hosier having to pay 20s.
each for the benefit of Almy. See pp. 119, 122, 123, and 163 of Col.
Rec. I. Such an inhab. was not object of regret if soon lost sight of.
SAMUEL, Dorchester 1664, perhaps s. of the first Henry, but nothing
more is heard. THOMAS, Isle of Shoals 1649, in few yrs. aft. was liv.
in some part of Essex Co. THOMAS, New London, s. of the first George
of the same, m. says Caulkins, Ann, d. of Andrew Lester, but if so,
she was the sec. d. of that name, prob. by his sec. w. of the same name
(for the first Ann by first w. had m. Nathaniel Millet),
[1] had Thomas,
wh. d. at 20 yrs.; David, James, John, and six others betw. 1688 and
1714, rem. a. 1720 to New Haven, and d. 1726. WILLIAM, Boston,
prob. s. of Richard, with w. join. Mather's ch. 9 Mar. 1677, was freem.
1678. WILLIAM, Salem, br. prob. of Aaron of the same, freem. 1690,
with him was active in protest. against the cruel hypochondria of Rev.
Samuel Paris
. See Felt in 3 Mass. Hist. Coll. III. 169.

    WAYMOUTH. See Weymouth.

    WEADEN, EDWARD, a soldier in Moseley's comp. at the Narraganset
gr. fight, Dec. 1675. Perhaps this name may be Weeden, or Wheedon.

    WEARE, NATHANIEL, Newbury, s. perhaps of Peter of the same,[2]
b. in Eng. a. 1631, or more prob. 1635, as in Oct. 1695, he was se. to be
only 60, m. 3 Dec. 1656, Elizabeth Swain, perhaps d. of Richard of Rowley,
had Nathaniel, b. 5 Jan. 1658; Peter, 5 Nov. 1660; rem. a. 1662 to
Hampton, there had six others, as Coffin says, and yet of not one is the
proof accessib. was freem. of Mass. 1666, a rep. and bec. counsel. of N.
H. aft. our new chart. 1692, and d. 13 May 1718, aged 83, wh. is in
more than one book swell. to 87. PETER, Kittery, a man of large
acquaint. with the New Hampsh. and Maine early settlem. whose name
first appears on the gr. jury 1645, under the Gorges jurisdict. and in
1654 under that of Mass. of wh. he was adm. freem. 1652, as Farmer
counts the sw. of alleg. was rep. for York in 1659, in the subordin.