Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p618

Volume 4, Page 618

witness. by him, Thomas Chisholme, and Caleb, that solitary aborig. gr.
of H. C. 1665, wh. d. next yr. bef. he could be call. to verify his signat.
wh. is very handsome. He was deac. and d. 16 Mar. 1678 at Windsor.
The venerable Dr. T. M. Harris, mistook, in his Histor. Disc. 65, this
name, and gave it Whitfield.

    WITHAM, HENRY, Gloucester 1665, s. prob. of Thomas, d. 17 Apr.
1702, had Thomas, b. 1666; Henry, 1668; John, 1670; Samuel, 1672; and
Joseph, 1676; by w. Sarah, d. of Morris Somes, wh. he m. 15 June 1665,
and she d. 11 May 1689. He m. 23 Oct. 1691, Lydia Griffin, wh. outliv.
him only few mos. THOMAS, Gloucester, wh. d. 1653, was, as Mr. Babson
thinks, f. of Henry.

    WITHERDEN or WYTHERDEN, JOHN, Scituate 1643, rem. to Boston
1659, had a windmill 1654, on the common at Foxhill, by leave of the
inhabs. and liv. 1661.

    WITHERIDGE or WYTHERIDGE, as the ch. rec. has it, EDWARD.
Boston, mariner and merch. join. our ch. 24 Feb. 1644, and was made
freem. in May foll. See Wetheridge. One Mary Witheridge of Salem
vill. was arrest. in May 1692, as a witch (Essex Inst. III. 119); but I see no
proof, that either the devil or the court prevail. to obt. convict.

    WITHERS, THOMAS, Kittery, came prob. with Neal, 1631, as one of
his comp. for the patentee John Mason, and so may have liv. first on the
W. side of the riv. in 1653 own. the jurisdict. of Mass. and was made a
commissnr. the same yr. rep. 1656.

    WITHIE, ROBERT, aged 20, with Susan, 18, and Mary, 16, prob. his
sis. emb. at London, with a Mary With, 62, perhaps the mo. of them all,
11 Sept. 1635, in the Hopewell, Capt. Babb, but I can find no trace of
them on our side of the water.

    WITHINGTON, EBENEZER, Dorchester, s. of Richard of the same.
freem. 1690, had w. Mary wh. d. 10 Jan. 1691; but I believe no ch.
and d. 11 Feb. 1729, in 78th yr. and by his sec. w. Mary, d. of the
church of Taunton, prob. m. 2 Feb. 1693, he had Ebenezer, b. 22 Dec.
foll. wh. d. soon; and she d. 27 Dec. 1736, aged 76. HENRY, Dorchester,
came prob. in 1636 or perhaps a yr. bef. was one of the six founders
of the ch. 23 Aug. for Richard Mather instal. brot. w. Eliz. and ch.
Richard; Faith, wh. m. Richard Baker; Mary, wh. m. 23 Feb. 1644,
Thomas Danforth; and Ann, wh. m. James Bates the sec. His w. d.
16 Feb. 1661, and he m. 1662, Margaret, wid. of Richard Paul; was
made a selectman, 1636, by the ch. rul. Elder, 1637, yet never a freem.
and d. 2 Feb. 1667, aged 79. His wid. d. 20 May 1676. He had good
est. and his will of 8 Jan. 1665, div. it among the three ds. and his s.
Richard's four s. HENRY, Dorchester, br. of Ebenezer, join. the ch. 2
Jan. 1677, as did his w. Sarah, 7 Nov. 1687. She was d. of Henry
Leadbetter, m. 12 June 1684, had Sarah, b. 13 Apr. 1688. Henry, 7
Sept. 1686; and Silence, posthum. 19 Apr. 1688. He was freem.
1677, and d. 2 Feb. 1688. JOHN, Dorchester, s. of Richard of the
, freem. 1673, by w. Elizabeth had Mary, b. 2, bapt. 7 Dec. 1673, d.
young; Elizabeth 5, bapt. 13 Aug. 1676; Mary, again, 10, bapt. 16 Mar.