Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p249


Volume 4, Page 249

his wid m. John Tucker. JOSEPH, Watertown, came at the age of 25,
emb. in the Confidence, at Southampton 24 Apr. 1638, as serv. of Nicholas
Guy, wh. was of Upton, Co. Hants; m. Mary, d. of Guy, his fellow
[1]. had Mary; Ann, b. 2 Sept. 1644, d. prob. bef. her f.; Joseph,
2 Sept. 1645, d. unm. 7 Aug. 1728; Rebecca, 18 Aug. 1647, d.
prob. bef. her f.; Benjamin, 22 Jan. 1651; Jonathan, 10 Sept. 1654;
Sarah, 20 Nov. 1657; Simon, 30 Sept. 1660; and Dorothy, 13 Aug.
1663. These were all liv. when their Guy made her will Aug.
1666; and the f. d. 20 Feb. 1690. His will, made two days bef. refers
to ea. ch. The wid. d. 1716, it is said, aged 86. Mary m. a Pollard;
Sarah m. Elnathan Beers; and Dorothy m. John Taylor. MICHAEL,
Branford, an early sett. perhaps s. more prob. younger br. of Charles,
for no single circumstance is kn. to prove there were two call. Charles,
was a trader, as capt. of Mr. Allerton's sketch, bound to Virg. Nov. 1653,
took from Evan Thomas an advent. on half profits; by w. Elizabeth had
John, b. May 1650 Michael, Oct. 1652; Elizabeth June 1655, Joanna,
Apr. 1657; and Sarah, Oct. 1658; was town clk. and prob. draft. certain.
record. the liberal planta. and covenant, 1667, freem. 1668, rep.
1670 and 2, as in Geneal. Reg. III. 153 is print. His w. d. July 1659.
Elizabeth m. Noah Rogers; Joanna m. 30 June 1676, Josiah Gillet; and
Sarah m. I presume, 1 Nov. 1683, Samuel Stone of Guilford. MICHAEL,
Branford, s. of the preced. rem. to Windsor, m. 3 Apr. 1679,
Mary, d. of Thomas Loomis, had Michael, b. Sept. 1680; John, Oct.
1682; Mary, Sept. 1685; Josep, Nov. 1687; and by w. Mabel, wid. of
Daniel Butler, d. of Nicholas Olmstead, had Sarah, Nov. 1698. He
bec. one of the first sett. at Colchester, and was oft. its rep. and. d. Feb.
1730. SIMON, Watertown, youngest s. of Joseph, m. 9 May, acc. Bond,
but Tainter Geneal. 17, says, with less prob. 9 Aug. 1693; Joanna, d. of
deac. John Stone, had Simon, b. 28 Feb. 1694; Mary, 24 Jan. 1696, d.
young; John, 13 Mar. 1699; Rebecca, 26 May 1701, d. young; Mary,
27 Nov. 1703; and Dorothy, 20 May 1706; his w. d. 3 Dec. 1731, and
he d. 19 Jan. 1739. THOMAS, of unkn. resid. by w. Catherine, had
Thomas, b. 4 May 1639, and d. 30 Sept. foll. as did his br. William;
and sis. Elizabeth d. 24 Apr. foll.

    TALBOT, CHRISTOPHER, Boston 1686, a turner. JAMES, Boston, by
w. Martha d. prob. of Michael Barstow of Charlestown, m. 14 Oct. 1663,
had James, b. 23 Aug. 1664; Joseph, 21 Sept. 1666; and William, 26
Dec. 1668. JARED, or GARRETT, Taunton m. 1 Apr. 1664, Sarah Andrews,
prob. d.
of Henry, had Jared, b. 20 Mar. 1667; Mary, 14 Dec.
1671; Samuel, 29 Feb. 1676; Josiah, 12 Oct. 1678; and Nathan, 21
Feb. 1681. JARED, Taunton, perhaps s. of the preced. m. 4 May 1687,
Rebecca Hathaway. Baylies IV. includes him there 1703. JOSHUA,