Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p11


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Volume 4, Page 11

b. 7 Oct. 1678; Mary, 2 Dec. 1684; Mercy, 3 July 1687, d. soon; and
Mercy, again, 12 Jan. 1689. JOHN, Roxbury 1640, went to Eng. and
at Coggeshall, in Co. Essex, was success. in the pulpit of celebr. John
Owen, D. D. says Calamy, from wh. he was eject. 1675; and the eccles.
hist. tells, that he was educat. in N. E. Very strange it seems, that no
more is kn. of him here, but that in R. he purch. lds. of Rev. Thomas
Weld, of capt. John Johnson, and of Joseph Weld, a. 1640, to amount,
in aggreg. of L134. and that in Sept. 1642, Gov. Thomas Dudley, on
ex'con. for L51. got the whole, in pt. satisfact. thereof, by appraisem. at
L42, 17, 8 1/2, so that little benefit of his acres was enjoy. by the poor
scholar, wh. could not redeem his est. See Dudley's investit. in Reg. of
Suff'k. Deeds, I. 37. RALPH, Dorchester, a tailor, rem. to Boston bef.
1659; and was liv. 1663. THOMAS, Salem, had gr. of ld. in 1638, as
Felt. tells, and liv. at Marblehead 1648. Yet he may have been of
Roxbury 1637, and one of the appraisers on inv. of Edward Blackley.

    SAMUEL, JOHN, Boston, wh. m. 24 Dec. 1652, wid. Lucy Wight, is
call. mariner in 1656; and he d. 8 Dec. 1662, or his inv. was then made.

L. I. adm. freem. of Conn. 1644, perhaps was s. of the foll. RICHARD,
Windsor 1640, had one ch. wh. d. 1648, and he d. 1650, leav. wid.
Esther, and perhaps, two ch. But the name was not long in W. so
that, by var. spell. Hinman, 71, made two out of him.

    SANBORN, ancient. SAMBORNE, BENJAMIN, Hampton, s. of the
first John, by first w. Sarah, wh. d. 29 June 1720, had Mary, b. 27 Oct.
1690, Joanna, 1 Dec. 1692; Sarah, 30 Sept. 1694; Theodate, 1696;
Dorothy, 27 Oct. 1698; Abigail, 21 July 1700; Jemima, 17 May
1702; Susanna, 20 Sept. 1704; Benjamin, 1 June 1706, d. young;
Judith, 26 Oct. 1708; Benjamin, again, 7 Nov. 1712. He next m.
Meribah Tilton, a wid. and had Ebenezer, 10 Oct. 1723; and this w. d.
15 Dec. 1740; and he had third w. Abigail Dalton, perhaps wid. of the
sec. Philemon, and d. of Edward Gove. JOHN, Hampton 1643, by
tradit. said to have come from Co Derby, and more prob. to be s. of
John by a d. of Rev. Stephen Bachiler, wh. left three s. John, William,
and Stephen, to the care of their gr.f. by wh. they were brot. in the
William and Francis, arr. at Boston from London, 5 June 1632.
For first w. he took Mary, d. of Robert Tuck of H. wh. d. 30 Dec.
1668, hav. borne him John, 1649; Mary, 12 Apr. 1651, d. young; Abigail,
23 Feb 1653; Richard, 4 Feb. 1655; Mary, again, 19 Mar. 1657,
d. young; Joseph, 13 Mar. 1659; Stephen, 12 Nov. 1661, d. soon;
Ann, 20 Dec. 1662; Nathaniel, 27 Jan. 1666; Benjamin, 20 Dec.
1668; and by sec. w. wid. Margaret Moulton, d. of Robert Page, had
Jonathan, 25 May 1672; was freem. 1666; lieut. rep. 1684 and 5; and