Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p10


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Volume 4, Page 10

Judith, 3 Mar. 1683; Ruth, 22 Dec. 1684; Benjamin, 19 Sept. 1686;
Martha, 25 Oct. 1689; George, 10 Mar. 1691; Elizabeth 22 Dec. 1692;
William, 8 July 1693; and Seth, 22 Dec. 1697. His w. d. 27 May
1727, in her 70th yr. and he d. 26 July 1739, in his 84th yr. as Windsor
tells. HENRY, Plymouth 1620, came in the Mayflower, of the fam. of
his uncle, Edward Tilley, a youth too small to sign the immortal compact
of Nov. at Cape Cod; but whether, or not, entit. in the div. of lds. he
was certain. in the div. of cattle, 1627, enumerat. in the comp. of Elder
Brewster, liv. on Duxbury side, m. 6 Feb. 1636, Ann Plummer, had
Stephen, John, James, Caleb, Elizabeth Hannah, Mary, and, perhaps, Dorcas,
but when Bradford wrote, 1650, only seven ch. and d. 24 Dec. 1684.
Elizabeth m. Robert Sproat; Hannah m. Josiah Holmes; Mary m. John
Summers; Dorcas m. Thomas Bonney; and one d. it is said, m. John
Hammond, but he is not of my aquaint. ISAAC, Duxbury, s. of Abraham,
m. Lydia, d. of Alexander Standish, had Isaac, b. 1688; Jonathan,
1690; Josiah, 1692; Lydia, 1694; Ephraim, 1698; Priscilla, 1702;
and Barnabas, 1705. JAMES, Dartmouth 1686. JOHN, Boston, merch.
rem. perhaps, to Beverly 1671, there m. a d. of Richard Haynes, and
bef. the begin. of Ind. war, 1675, may have liv. at Scarborough. Ano.
JOHN, at New London, m. aft. 1672, not long bef. 1676, the wid. mo. of
John Stodder, or Stother, a youth of only 16, wh. possess. by a malice
almost incredib. murder. with an axe, 6 June 1678, Zipporah, w. of
Thomas Bolles, with two of her ch. Joseph, and Mary, and soon aft.
murder. John Sampson, s. of his mo. aged betw. one and two yrs. as by
his own confess. is seen in the rec. of his trial at Hartford. For the
soundness of the maxim in common law, malitia supplet aetatem, I believe,
no stronger prorf can be found since the creation, in the stories of juven.
depravity. He acknowl. that he k. his br. with a hatchet "bec. he cried,
and bec. he did not love the ch. nor his f." and was execut. 9 Oct. foll.
RICHARD, by Farmer call. of Boston, the freem. of 1674, I dare not
accept, but think, was rather appropr. by New Hampsh. ROBERT,
Boston 1630, came in the same sh. with Gov. Winthrop wh. calls him cous.
in a let. to his w. Apr. bef. depart. from Isle of Wight. His fam. was
ancient. in the rank of knights, resid. at Sampson's Hall in the parish of
Kersey, adj. Groton, where was patron as well as lord of the manor.
He was s. of John, by Bridget Clopton, sis. of the sec. w. of our Gov.
W. By Whitman he is count. a memb. of the ar. co. 1639; but it
seems far more prob. (as we never hear of him aft.) that he was some
yrs. gone home. ROGER, Ipswich 1654. STEPHEN, Duxbury, s. of
Henry, had Benjamin; Cornelius; Hannah; Mary; Elizabeth; John, b. 17
Aug. 1688; Dorcas; and Abigail.

    SAMS or SAMMES, CONSTANTINE, Boston, by w. Elizabeth had Richard,